Get kid’s closet organization ideas that will grow with your child! These simple, inexpensive tips will maximize storage and minimize the mess.

making a bedroom closet as pretty as the room
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My definition of spring cleaning is a bit different than the usual intention. I can’t bare to think about washing and ironing my drapes (thought I know they’re due) or wiping down baseboards, but I do love a good organization project.

I have Chris to thank for this one. He knows my Type A personality can’t take a mess and has vowed to organize each kids closet, one by one.

A kid's closet organized with hyacinth baskets for storage

Organizing a kid’s closet isn’t quite as straightforward as organizing an adult one – their needs change far more quickly than I’d like. It seems like just yesterday I created a dress up closet for Adalyn.

Then we moved into our new home and filled it with toys. Now, she’s into arts and crafts and after celebrating Christmas and her birthday, her closet is overflowing.

bedroom closet storage and organization

Kid’s Closet Ideas

For reference, the photo below is what the closet looked like before (from Isla’s before bedroom photos). We painted the doors, frame and interior of the closet and updated the hardware. 

closet before

Her closet fortunately came with an old closet system. Chris painted it the same white as her furniture and rearranged them to fit her current needs.

Adjustable closet systems are a great way to organize a kids closet, because they can change as their needs do. I’m sure some day she’ll ask to put her clothes in there (insert tears). 

kids closet organization and storage

I know none of this is rocket science, but I’m clearly overly excited about adding a little more organization to our home. I hope you don’t mind!

Use Baskets for Kids Closet Organization

  • Chris measured each shelf and found hyacinth baskets to fit and then we found a darling little art caddy we couldn’t resist. 
  • Sort by items, and label to help you and your child stay organized.
  • Keep the most important daily items within reach of your child’s height.
  • Seasonal items can stay higher in the closet to be switched out as necessary.
a kids closet that grows with them

Kid’s Closet

In the bottom (and top) of her closet we have bins for her school work and art.

Adalyn struggles with letting go of paper, so when she gets home from school each day we look over her work and she puts it into the bin. When the bin is full, we sort through it with her and see what she’s comfortable letting go of.

Organizing the various types of beads {for keychains, necklaces, melting, oh my} has kept her floor clear of debris, so it’s already a win. It’s also helped Adalyn keep her craft supplies sorted with the coordinating directions and out of our kitchen!

I think closets should be an extension of a bedroom and equally beautiful, don’t you? 

beautiful bedroom closet | pink girls bedroom


making a bedroom closet as pretty as the room

Next we plan to organize our sweet Ani’s closet and unfortunately she doesn’t have a closet system to work with. Do you have a kids closet you need to organize or a paper hoarder in your home?

I’d love to hear from you! Are you a fan of organized closets? Who isn’t, right?

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1 Comment

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you might still have any accompanying photos of what that bead organization looked like, that you mention in the text above; or the paper storage. And I wondered if you have something inside that art caddy that separates tools within, or if it’s just one open space to fill.
    While we’re workign on slowly doing a major overhaul to all the organization in our home, we also have a young artist with a room/closet that we’re needing to re-work for her newest stage of childhood, and she also has a hard time letting go of the smallest doodle!
    So if you still have any photos, from this project awhile back, to possibly update/add to this post it would be helpful to this visual learner.

    Thank you for all the tips you share. : )