Get easy ideas for mudroom storage and learn more about the most flexible entryway organizers! I’ve got ideas including benches, baskets, drawers, hooks, peg rail and more.

Whether your mudroom is large or small, there are plenty of ways to maximize storage! Read on for fun mudroom organization ideas to create a landing space as you and your family enter your home.

A white mudroom with brick floors and simple mudroom storage bench and hooks.
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I hope you’re feeling just as motivated to get organized as I am because I’m not as much a content planner, but more of a doer and sharer. I’ve been working on little organization projects throughout our home to create more function and less clutter and chaos.

I believe that great organization starts in the entry of your home, so I have started by creating flexible mudroom storage. You can read all about our mudroom design and decor elements here!

Today, we’re focusing on the storage and organization of this space, because I love organizing. I know, I know… I might sound crazy!

Of course, I realize it’s not for everybody. But I promise, giving everything a place feels SO GOOD. You’ll never regret it!

Mudroom Organization Ideas

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite mudroom organization ideas – some of which I’ve used in several of our homes over the years!

In our former Leawood Kansas home (see the full Colonial House Tour here) our mudroom space was actually a shared mudroom laundry room combination.

In our current St. Louis home (Before and After) we have a dedicated mudroom and we love it just as much! We converted a difficult space into a welcoming area with cedar planked walls and Brick Flooring.

Both spaces are served well with a variety of organization techniques and ideas. Read on for my best tips to create the mudroom storage that will make your life easier!

A white mudroom with brick floors and simple mudroom storage bench and hooks.

Choose the Right Furniture

This one might seem simple, but it’s so useful! You don’t need built-ins for mudroom storage. Try cabinets, shelves and benches – and don’t forget to shop your own home first!

I often like to use pieces of furniture (such as an entrance bench or a pretty chest like this one) that fit our needs rather than built in storage so that we can easily adapt as our needs change.

I found this small antique chest at an estate sale in our neighborhood – it fit everything we needed for our small mudroom.

This little antique chest functions as the ultimate entryway organizer! It’s somewhat narrow, allowing for easy pass-through, has a great solid marble top to catch miscellaneous items, and a few drawers to stow away seasonal essentials.

I added a small tray for keys, cell phones, Chris’ wallet and spare change. It’s great to have a go-to spot for those items that always seem to get misplaced.

A white mudroom with brick floors and mudroom storage cabinet and hooks.

Leave Empty Space

Leave a basket or drawer empty at all times!

I added a bowl in the top drawer of our chest of drawers, but you’ll notice the drawer is otherwise empty. It’s my dirty little secret.

Actually, my clean secret! I like to keep the drawer free of clutter so I can hide away miscellaneous papers {aka junk}, mail, etc when we’re expecting guests.

We use the second drawer to store hats and gloves – they’re easily accessible when you’re running out the door, but hidden from sight.

Determining how you use a space and what you need to store before you get started will go a long way. It keeps the bulk of clutter from the rest of your home.

As you can see, this little chest is the ultimate entryway organizer because it provides ample mudroom storage without a lot of effort.

A white mudroom with storage from a bench and small chest of drawers

Add a Bench

Add an entrance bench so there’s a place to sit and remove shoes. If you have room, adding one is the best way to add a little extra flexible storage to your entryway.

Ours is actually meant for outdoors, but I love the way the soft wood looks against our cream walls!

Use Baskets

Add baskets! Here, we’ve added a row of pretty baskets underneath the entrance bench for storage that we rotate throughout the year.

Those baskets aren’t just for shoes!

In the summer, they hold flip flops, goggles, pool supplies. In the winter, they hold winter boots and so much more. Teaching the kids that all their items have a place is a huge part of staying organized throughout the year.

A white mudroom with brick floors and mudroom storage cabinet and hooks.

Add Hooks

One of my favorite mudroom organization ideas is also the simplest – a simple Peg Rail with hooks screwed in, which creates accessible storage for coats, scarves, dog leashes and more. Or, consider Brass Hooks like ours!

You can honestly never have too many hooks. Ours are located opposite of our entrance bench and they are large and hold so much! Again, this rotates throughout the year between coats, jackets, backpacks, and more.


  1. Every inch is usable and accessible with the use of baskets.
  2. If you don’t have a built in mudroom or live in a rental, use a wardrobe, coat rack or create your own with an old chest like our vintage Linen Cabinet.
  3. A boot tray is a great place to keep rain boots. I particularly love this copper boot tray from Amazon.
  4. Is your mudroom a place for pets? I love the idea of adding a built-in dog bowl drawer!
  5. Store mail and school papers in a wall storage system, or even in a drawer or drop-off basket.
A mudroom bench with storage baskets underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people store in mud rooms?

You can store backpacks, purses, hats, coats, shoes and more!

What’s the average size of a mudroom?

Typically, mudrooms in new homes will be around 6-9 feet long, though dimensions can vary greatly. You can make any amount of space work for you, though. Generally they are placed off the garage entry to your home.

A white mudroom with brick floors and mudroom storage cabinet and hooks.

More Storage and Organization

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  1. Hello, I love your paint colors and light fixtures. I’m on the search for ceiling lights however we need semi flush mounts. Is your mudroom light fixture an unlaquered brass?