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How to Print on Fabric | DIY Fabric Labels

I enjoy adding little details to make even the simplest things feel special. I spiced up the apple cider bottle with a fabric label, a technique I’ve used for invitations, cards, framed art & more. Over the summer, I shared my DIY for how to print on fabric.  The method hasn’t changed, but I thought it was too pretty not to share.
how to print on fabric via
buckram fabric
tea {optional for coloration}
spray adhesive – not Elmer’s. Unfortunately, it’s the only brand I haven’t had luck with
card stock
paper cutter
For an authentic fall look, I dyed my fabric {buckram} by placing it in a baking dish and soaking it in a cup of tea for a half hour.  I then removed it and allowed it to dry.
how to print on fabric
Using a spray adhesive, I glued the fabric to a piece of card stock…anything that traditionally runs through your printer.  Allow to dry for a minute or two.
Using a paper cutter, cut the fabric/card stock so that they are a perfect fit for one another.  Insert your “paper” so that the image will print on the fabric side.
how to print on fabric
Remove, allow to dry for a minute and cut to desired size.
how to print on fabric
Remove fabric from card stock.
how to print on fabric
I wanted to fray the edges a little.  To quickly achieve this look, just pull one thread at a time with a pair of tweezers.

how to print on fabric

how to print on fabric
Using your spray adhesive, adhere to your object.  While there are a lot of steps to this project, it truly only takes 10-15 minutes!
how to print on fabric
This pretty little label will spice up my signature cocktail presentation for Thanksgiving! Visit here for my fall table settings. To save this post for later, PIN it here:
Learn how to print on fabric to create labels, invitations & art
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18 comments on “How to Print on Fabric | DIY Fabric Labels”

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  4. What clever idea….planning to pin for future use. Thanks for Sharing

  5. Hello. This is lovely. Did you have any trouble running this through a printer? It seems that it would be too thick with the fabric. Thank you 🙂

    • Not at all, Rosa! I have done this for several projects. You will need to select a card stock that is suitable for your printer. I hope you enjoy it & find something fun & creative to use it for!

  6. Love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I love this – can you please tell me a little about the buckram? I live in the UK and it seems to come in stiff narrow rolls. How wide is yours?

    • I can purchase it by the yard, so a standard 3′ width, but as long as you can get it wide enough to fit your printer, you’re good! Most printers can even run envelope sized paper. Just cut your fabric slightly larger than you want your project to be & your card stock to match. Enjoy!

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  12. Awesome share!!

    How lovely it is!! It seems quite easy to create your own masterpiece for your loved ones.
    I had applied the same procedure for making a pillow cover that I gifted to my sister.

    everything given in the above stuff is lovely..

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