Pizza Night

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2018 | By: Julie Blanner

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Pizza Night is a casual night in…where family and friends can spend time together without the stress. 

pizza night

outdoor pizza night

Pizza Night carves meal planning and preparation time out of my schedule and reallocates it to family time.

fall table for pizza night

Growing up, we often enjoyed Friday night Pizza Night. We not only looked forward to pizza, but an effortless night where we spent time together. Now as a parent myself I not only look forward to a Friday night of playing fun games with the girls, but to the ease of a simple, delicious dinner after a long week.

mums in apple peck

We purchased the lake cottage as a place we could get away and spend time together without distractions – we don’t have a tv or internet! It’s been so much fun throwing the weight of the world aside and getting back to the basics, like playing cards or watching the girls create a talent show.

How to Make Pizza Night Special

bulb lights pizza under the stars

This time of year it’s especially enjoyable with beautiful weather to spend time outdoors. I treated our deck like our own little bistro by adding bulb lights to enhance the ambiance. The simple addition of bulb lights make Pizza Night feel magical. We hung ours from the house and by attaching 2 poles to the deck railing to string them to.

bulb lights on deck

A simple centerpiece sets the mood and takes just a few minutes! We set the table as a family, adding pumpkins and candlelight to make our time together feel special. To recreate this simple centerpiece, place the largest candle in the middle and stagger the rest of the pumpkins and candles throughout the table, being mindful of where plates will go to leave plenty of room to dine.

pumpkins and candles on table

how to set the table for pizza night

fall centerpiece

The Best Pizzas to Serve

pizza night

best store bought pizza

I love Freschetta made-from-scratch pizzas with preservative-free crusts! Naturally Rising Crust Pizza is our absolute favorite – the crust is brushed with garlic and cooks perfect every time. I feel good about serving it to our family.

kids eating pizza

We also love Freschetta Brick Oven Pizza for it’s crispy, fire baked golden brown crust, topped with 100% real cheese.

what to serve pizza night

family pizza night

girl eating pizza

Pizza in the Oven

frozen pizza

For the best results, place your pizza directly on the oven rack. It gives you the crispiest crust!

Pizza on the Grill

pizza on the grill

They’re great on the oven – or on the grill! To grill your pizza, set the temperature of your grill to the temperature recommended on the box. Close the lid and check in 6-8 minutes. When the crust is crispy and toppings are melted, remove it from the grill and enjoy!

pizza on table

grilled pizza

Drinks to Pair with Pizza Night

what to serve on pizza night

Chris and I enjoy pizza with wine, while the girls love it with mulled apple cider.

outdoor pizza night

family pizza night

Games to Play

things to do on pizza night

pizza night games

We love playing all the classic card games including Skipbo, Uno and Go Fish. They’re all easy enough for even our youngest (5) to play. With dinner a breeze, I can even join in while it’s in the oven!

pizza night outside under bulb lights

fall table setting

pizza night with bulb lights and candle light

How do you celebrate #FreschettaFriday pizza night?