Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Last minute Thanksgiving centerpiece tutorial

When I started blogging, I never dreamed where it would lead me. I wrote posts that were seen by just twenty or thirty of my closest family and friends, yet I decided to continue sharing my passion for entertaining and design that celebrates everyday life in hopes that it would inspire others. Entertaining doesn’t have to be overwhelming or exhausting, and it shouldn’t be! Sometimes we get caught up in the obligations of holidays, but I prefer to reserve my energy for the things that bring me joy, and that’s seeing the smiles on our girls’ faces, creating a delicious meal and a beautiful environment we can all enjoy it together. Today I’m sharing another easy Thanksgiving centerpiece along with some exciting news. I, along with Kate Walsh, {yes, the Kate Walsh} and Thomas Farley {aka Mr. Manners} are serving as the Holiday Experts for Boston Market!

Pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece and beautiful table setting

I’ve always enjoyed creating a beautiful table, often pulling from existing resources, whether it be candles and platters we always keep on hand or repurposing those pretty pumpkins we all rush out to purchase in early fall. This Thanksgiving Centerpiece is simple in both the ingredients and the process. You can create your own in just 5 minutes, which offers plenty of time to tend to the turkey and desserts.

Pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece and beautiful table setting


seeded eucalyptus

pumpkin {I used a fairytale pumpkin, also known as Long Island Cheese}


Thanksgiving Centerpiece Recipe:

  1. Place your pumpkin at the center of the table. DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece and tablescape
  2. Place snips of seeded eucalyptus under 3 sides of the pumpkin, so that it’s slightly off-center. I chose to do the back left, front middle and front right. Add another snip of eucalyptus to the top, of those stems, if needed, to make them appear fuller. DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece and tablescape
  3. Cut rose stems just 2″ below the base of the rose and tuck under the pumpkin so that they nestle on top of the eucalyptus, near the pumpkin. Easy Thanksgiving centerpiece and table setting

We used to think of a Thanksgiving centerpiece as a series of decor pulled from the basement that takes time and effort to pull together. Repurposing this pretty pumpkin from our entryway made this centerpiece really accessible. Any time I purchase something for our home, even temporary, natural elements, I like to consider it’s versatility. When properly cared for, a pumpkin can last 2-3 months! As a low lying Thanksgiving centerpiece, it doesn’t interfere with conversation and also makes a great base to elevate a platter. Click here for more ways to make your holidays memorable with Boston Market.

Pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece and beautiful table setting

DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece and tablescape

Even for an intimate group of guests, I leave the leaves on our table for additional serving space. there’s plenty of room for a pitcher of water, a basket of rolls and a bottle of wine.


Easy Thanksgiving centerpiece and table setting

Easy Thanksgiving centerpiece and table setting

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? I’d love to help! Leave any questions you have in the comments below.

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This post is in partnership with Boston Market. As always, all ideas and opinions are my own


  • Angela says:

    Simply stunning! And congratulations!

  • Such a pretty table setting and congrats on the new partnership!

  • Kim Gibson says:

    I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, and I do have a question. I noticed you set the table with salad plates placed over dinner plates. Do you serve your guests salad first and then let them help themselves to turkey etc. set up somewhere else? I’m curious how you serve Thanksgiving dinner and specifically how you incorporate the salad plates.

    • Julie says:

      It all depends on what I’m serving. I’ll often serve the salad first and use the dinner plates as chargers. It allows me to put the finishing touches on dinner or for the dishes to finish baking without keeping guests waiting. Then I’ll bring the turkey and sides out, removing the salad plates.

  • Kim Gibson says:

    Thank you. That may have seemed like a silly question, but I always wonder how Thanksgiving is served in other families. Also, thank you for the “I am grateful for…” cards. We usually go around the table and each say something we’re thankful for, but having each person actually write it down is a great idea, and those cards are so cute! Thanks!

  • Lia says:

    Hi Julie,

    How do you keep the roses fresh looking without some water bulb at the end, which obviously wouldn’t work well to tuck under the pumpkin? Love your ideas and am enjoying your inspirations as I settle into my Connecticut home! Thank you!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks, Lia! That’s a great question. Roses are actually fairly durable flowers. This centerpiece looked beautiful several days later as both roses and eucalyptus dry beautifully. Enjoy your new home!

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