Here are my Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas for my 2012 Thanksgiving dinner.

Easy Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas
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Life is great, when you’re grateful.  2012 has been an incredible year for my family and I.  I look forward to slowing down and celebrating it today!  Here’s a peek at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas…

Beautiful thanksgiving table

I always try to design a beautiful Thanksgiving table that is inexpensive and doesn’t take a lot of effort.  This year was no exception.  In fact, I spent $3.99 + tax – for the flowers.

simple and beautiful Thanksgiving table
For the sake of ease, I set out serving utensils and preset the table.
I'm thankful cards for a beautiful Thanksgiving table
It’s not too late to print out Thankful For cards for as an addition to an already beautiful Thanksgiving table.  They add a little decor, but double as an activity for guests while you’re finishing dinner.
easy and beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table
Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas
The wheatgrass was snipped from the back of my wheat sheath wreath and tied with velvet ribbon.
I'm thankful cards on beautiful Thanksgiving table
white beautiful Thanksgiving table
I arranged a bouquet of white mums in a tarnished mint julep cup.  The mini white pumpkins have been used in a variety of ways throughout our home over the last couple months and were repurposed for our Thanksgiving table.
DIY Thanksgiving dinner table decoration ideas
I also incorporated the burlap table runner and a few unscented candles.  I don’t like to overfill the table so that there is plenty of room for drinks, rolls, etc.
Fall decor for a beautiful thanksgiving table
I left the antique dresser fairly bare so that it can host bottles of wine and a pitcher of water, but I accented it with two-week-old mums {rustic, right} and a pumpkin.
beautiful thanksgiving table
The dining room is next on my completion list!  Window treatments and a rug will complete the space.  Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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