You don’t have to know how to arrange flowers or be an event planner to host a fun and beautiful Friendsgiving. I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite Friendsgiving ideas with you today including an easy edible centerpiece, free printable and so much more!

beautiful friendsgiving table setting with a step by step tutorial
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While I’m excited for Christmas, I’m still embracing fall. I love taking time to reflect on all our blessings and remember all that I’m grateful for. This year I’m feeling especially thankful for great friends! Who doesn’t love a fun Friendsgiving party?

free printable wine tasting cards
lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner shares effortless entertaining ideas

One of our favorite things to do is to attend wine dinners because we enjoy tasting and learning about wines and especially love sharing our passion for wine with friends. One of my favorite Friendsgiving ideas is to host a wine tasting since there’s no better time for a little friendly competition than Friendsgiving.

friendsgiving ideas - host a wine tasting party
Friendsgiving with Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir

To host a Friendsgiving wine tasting party, ask guests to bring 2 bottles of their favorite wine – one for a blind tasting and one to go into the gift bucket for the winner. Speaking of winners, this is where I get a bit competitive. I recommend a Pinot Noir. From 11 years experience in the event planning industry, I learned that Pinot Noir is a crowd pleaser and I want my wine to score all 5’s! You can also set your wine apart from the rest by serving it at the correct temperature {50-55 degrees} for another advantage.

wine tasting party ideas for Friendsgiving

As guests arrive, place a bottle of wine in the bucket and wrap the other with a tea towel, labeling it with a number. Once guests are seated, serve 1-2 oz pours for tasting in order and have guests rate them using these free printable wine tasting cards. Whoever brought the wine that scores the best, takes the bucket of wine home!

how to make an edible flower arrangement for Friendsgiving

Waste not, want not, right? Another easy Friendsgiving idea is to create an edible centerpiece. Flowers may fade, but everything from this Friendsgiving table setting can be enjoyed throughout the following week with the exception of lettuce! You may even catch me nibbling on the grapes as I taste.

Friendsgiving ideas - host a wine tasting

How to Make a DIY Edible Fruit and Vegetable Centerpiece:


4 heads red leaf lettuce

3 beets

3 eggplant

5 artichokes

3 small red cabbage

2 lbs black grapes

7 red pears

5 taper candles

  1. Line table in red leaf lettuce working in opposite directions and creating a circle in the center, slightly draping off the ends of both sides of the to make an edible centerpiece
  2. Add beets – 1 in the middle and 1 at each end. how to make a fruit and vegetable table runner for friendsgiving
  3. Add eggplants to each end and the middle of your table runner.step by step tutorial to make a friendsgiving table setting
  4. Add artichokes in opposing directions.creative friendsgiving ideas
  5. Add miniature red cabbage to fill large voids.step by step tutorial to make a friendsgiving table setting
  6. Add grapes throughout and at both ends of the centerpiece.easy diy fruit and vegetable table runner centerpiece
  7. Add pears throughout, making sure to disperse as to not maintain a straight line.friendsgiving ideas fruit and vegetable table runner
  8. Finish the look by nestling taper candles into the design, tucking the base under leaves.
Friendsgiving ideas - host a wine tasting
lifestyle blog with entertaining ideas
lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner shares effortless entertaining ideas

I hope you enjoy these simple Friendsgiving ideas! If you recreate this Friendsgiving centerpiece or host a wine tasting, I’d love to see – just tag me on Instagram.

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  1. So fun!! I love this centerpiece! I just came across your blog and I gotta tell ya, I’m blown away! Your style is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Keep it up!! <3