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We did it! Our Kitchen Remodel

a classic white kitchen with marble countertops & white subway tile

We did it! We survived renovating nearly the entire house & our marriage is stronger than ever. Yes, it took us some time, but our kitchen remodel is {almost} complete! We purchased our home in August of 2012, moving in late October.

A classic kitchen - before & after.

The recipe for this kitchen remodel was simple: an abundance of wine. In reality, our kitchen remodel began with removing the white carpet {yes – crazy, right?} & replacing it with hardwoods.

hand carved custom hardwood floors via

Cabinets were painted white & new hardware was added. The unsightly black dishwasher was given a stainless makeover & we completed the first phase with new light fixtures before taking a year hiatus. When we started the kitchen, I dreamed of brass light fixtures & pulls, but they were nowhere to be found or over $1,000 each . Still, the kitchen had a completely different aesthetic with just a little renovation.

brushed nickel pulls & classic white painted kitchen cabinets via

Pottery Barn pulley light fixture - adding character to a kitchen

The next phase, was appliances. A great Black Friday sale made them possible & we finally took the leap, deciding that we would not tear out existing cabinets, completely redesigning the kitchen but make the most of the kitchen we had. I looked at ways to make every inch functional & found we did not only not need additional space, but we had spare cabinets after the organization transformation.

a classic white kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Fast forward another 8 months & we enter into the countertop & backsplash. This phase proved to test my sanity, but a second countertop & another 5 months later & they were installed, unbroken. Read more about our carrara marble look a like counters here.

alternative to carrara marble - white, durable marble that gives the aesthetic of carrara marble without the fuss

a classic white kitchen with marble countertops & white subway tile

We worked to make the most of our countertop space, removing the old convection oven & building a shelf that now hosts a small microwave & toaster. We installed new cabinet doors to match the originals to conceal the space, creating an appliance garage .

diy appliance garage

I can proudly say that we don’t have to take out the trash thanks to this little chute tucked into our subway tile backsplash. It keeps cleanup quick & easy while eliminating the need to take out the trash. It goes directly into our main trash can in the garage!

Tips & tricks for a small kitchen | maximize space & light via

The vintage champagne bucket doubles as a utensil holder & conceals the trash chute.

a vintage champagne holder doubles as a utensil holder in this functional kitchen from

The cutting board is a worry free work space when cutting or working with oils. My stand mixer is located in the corner, near the flours & sugar & just below the spice & baking pantry for convenience.

a classic white kitchen with lots of charm & innovative ideas for creating functional space

The windows offer bountiful light. The all white kitchen is my sanctuary. Aside from the countertops, my favorite element is the bridge faucet. Isn’t she pretty?

A beautiful bridge faucet adds character to this timeless all white kitchen

tips to make a small kitchen work for you via

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entertaining expert and lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner



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146 comments on “We did it! Our Kitchen Remodel”

  1. What a difference!! Looks great!

  2. Wow! Looks amazing! I can hardly believe it’s the same space!

  3. It looks great! That us quite a transformation! I would have loved to see some open shelves though

    • Thanks Veronica! I LOVE open shelving, but just don’t think they’re the most practical in a small kitchen. There’s another area to the side of the kitchen I’m contemplating adding some to. I need somewhere to display my pretty cake platters!

    • I love open shelving, but the dusting is something I do not like. I have hanging cups and they need washing every other day. Ugh!

  4. Julie,
    Your kitchen is beautiful! It’s amazing how wine can help with renovations. 🙂
    It makes everything go easier.
    I’ll have to send you some pics of our renovations. We still have a few touch-ups, but we’re very happy with our completions. Course, we don’t have three little ones to assist.
    Congrats to you and Chris!
    Love always,
    Aunt Cindy

  5. Wow, what a fantastic transformation! I love me a white kitchen. We’re currently working on building our house & the kitchen is definitely one space I’m looking forward to so much!

  6. What a beautiful space!! I’m sorry I didn’t follow – what counter tops did you end up going with? I am in the middle of the same problem!

  7. I love this redo! We are about to buy a home that currently does not have a white kitchen but we want to redo it. I am curious about your painted cabinets. Have they held up well? Any tips?

  8. Love your bridge faucet! It is beautiful. I am looking for one for my redo. What brand is it?

    • Thank you! I don’t recall the brand/name, but I purchased it from {shhhh} Home Depot. Don’t tell Lowes.
      I sought out the perfect faucet for months before finding an affordable, beautiful bridge. I think it was $175.

  9. Love your kitchen marble. Where did you find it in the KC area? I would like to use it in a guest bath. Thanks for the great tips!

  10. Did you do the fridge the same way you did the dishwasher?

  11. Beautiful kitchen! Love your countertops!! How are you finding they hold up?

    • Great! I love them! I have a friend with quartz & hers still stain. These completely resist everything including red wine, however, they are prone to oil stains if you don’t wipe your counters after cooking. The veining completely disguises them though!

  12. What countertops did you go with? I’ve read through both posts but can’t seem to find the details. Thanks 🙂

  13. Beautiful remodel! We are also doing white subway tile for our backsplash. Do you mind sharing the brand and color of your grout? Having trouble finding the grout for the clean look we are going for.

    • I’m sorry, Elizabeth, I wish I would have noted it. I went with almost the whitest white, but cannot recall the brand/name. I hope you love it as much as we did! It’s such a crisp, clean & timeless backsplash!

  14. Hello, I’m just wondering what the painting process was like for the white cabinets. Did you sand them or use a paint stripper, and what type of paint (color and finish) did you use?

    I’m most likely going to go this route for my own kitchen, and would appreciate any insight! Thanks:)

    • I recommend lightly sanding, spraying with primer, followed by paint. It provides a smooth finish. You can purchase sprayers reasonably at hardware stores or rent. I used a semi-gloss in white. I’d love to see the end result, Jonna!

  15. Hi Julie! I am in love with your blog and house! I am debating over painting our very nice but dark cherry wood cabinets in our kitchen – was it horrible to DIY? What brand of paint/color did you use? Also, where is your light fixture from? Do you have any tips for choosing light fixtures for certain areas?

  16. I am in love with your hardwood floors. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the flooring and what kind it is? Your kitchen is beautiful.

  17. Your kitchen is stunning! Such a gorgeous makeover. I just adore your style.

  18. Hi Julie,

    Beautiful job on your kitchen! I’ve had the luxury of cooking (living!) in an all white kitchen with oak floors for two decades and never get tired of it. The counters are all Corian, which I didn’t care for at first since it’s so monochromatic and textureless, but it has remained spotless after raising three boys, countless holidays, umpteen projects, plus pets. Now I’d like to keep the Corian prep counters but switch out the island counter with marble Your Danby – what, Olympic white? – looks sensational. I’m curious whether you served as general contractor when selecting the slab; if so, how did you accomplish this without a kitchen consultant? We live in the DC area so not close to Vermont. Also, we have a very large island with a sink and cooktop; what’s the longest span we can expect to cover with one continuous slab? And thanks for sharing your work!

    • I selected the slab at a local warehouse. Danby is carried nationwide at stone suppliers. Our slab had just 1 discreet seam that was in the corner of the kitchen. Depending on the size of your island, you may be able to purchase a remnant. Danby comes at various price points – all the marble comes from the same “mine” & it’s my understanding that Olympic is generally very close to Mountain Danby, which is significantly less expensive. Some Danby leans toward Olympic {whiter} & some has a lot more grey. Keep this in mind when selecting your slab & look at the options…it may save you a significant amount of money! There are definitely some perks to Corian!

  19. Love your kitchen remodel–I stumbled upon it while looking for Danby Marble and am wondering if you have any regrets about the marble. I desperately want Imperial Danby in my kitchen, but of course, am encountering naysayers at every turn. We have 3 young children and I cook A LOT. Fabricators have convinced my husband I’m crazy and we will regret it within a year with horror stories of stains and chips–insisting marble is for people who do not use a kitchen… I’d love your input 🙂

    • I found much of the same. Danby is more dense & durable, but not as much as a manufactured product. My only frustration was oil. With 3 kids, cooking often & drinking plenty of wine, we never had issues with stains other than oil. Ask for a sample & test it!

  20. Your kitchen is absolutely lovely! We have also redone ours, classic white as well, with dark hardwood flooring. Our backsplash will be classic white subway, and we are in the same counter dilemma you were in. If I can’t find a carrara I like, I will do absolute black honed granite. My question is, how do you like your bridge faucet? Any problems with it? I love the Perrin and Rohl faucet, but they are quite pricey. I know they are all solid brass too. I just don’t know if I can justify the expense. Again, your kitchen is beautiful. You made all of the right choices. Everything looks classic and elegant. Enjoy it!

  21. i love your wood floors – what brand and name are they? thank you!! lovely home. stealing paint colors. 😉

  22. Your kitchen turned out so pretty! I noticed that you do not have a hood over your stove. Is there ventilation above the stove? I’d like to rip out my hood, but not sure about ventilation. Can you tell me how you have addressed the ventilation issue?

  23. Love it! We are doing something similar… Over the gas range, is there a hood somewhere hiding? That’s what I need if you do! Thank you!

  24. It isn’t often that you see a kitchen with a trash chute. We had one in our previous home for about 5 years. We built a new home 13 years ago and had a chute designed into our kitchen. We don’t use the chute for trash we use it for recycling. So everything paper, can and glass wise goes straight down the chute and into the recycling bin. So much easier than having to take out the recycling!!

    • So true, Christine. You may laugh at this, but I had a recycling bin next to the trash & I knew just how to throw it far enough to the right to hit the bin, so it doubled! I’m an avid recycler, but more than that, a tad bit lazy! I wish I could configure one in our new kitchen!

  25. Your kitchen is beautiful and it is an inspiration for those of us in the middle of a remodel! I love your pendant light. We are struggling with finding the “perfect” light for over our farmhouse kitchen table. Can you share the details on it?

    • It was from Pottery Barn 3 years ago & unfortunately they have discontinued it. You can find similar by searching for “pulley pendant light”. Thanks for the kind words!

  26. Hi! Great blog and terrific kitchen reno! I stumbled on your blog looking for countertops and was wondering how your Danby Marble is holding up one year later? Thanks!! Amal

  27. Your kitchen is beautiful. So clean and crisp. So clean! I love your wood floors. I just recently discovered tile floor that looks like wood. I might go that route. I have boys and they are not careful with drinks.

  28. Great job with the kitchen, looks super sharp and stylish. Inspires me to get moving on my own home renos. 🙂

  29. Love your kitchen! Can you please tell me the brand and specific color of the white you used on your cabinets? Or does it just say Valspar semi-gloss white on the can? Thanks!!

  30. The kitchen turned out to be so gorgeous! You and your husband did a great job and are pleased with your results. I’m an “all white kitchen” girl myself. Some people think they look to sterile, but the thing about white is that you can add pops of color anywhere at anytime and still have a wonderful classic look! Beautiful, just beautiful!

    • Thank you, Benita! I love that you don’t want to update them every 2 years because they are so transitional. Plus, is sterile bad in a kitchen? I don’t think so 🙂

  31. Thanks for sharing your kitchen remodel! It is amazing that white cabinets and new counter tops can make such a huge difference! Your kitchen definitely feels more sleek and contemporary. In fact, I would love to have my kitchen remodeled to look like yours- the white cabinets are absolutely wonderful!

  32. can you tell me what color and the name of the paint and whether it was semi gloss or mat for the white cabinets please.

  33. Oh, I love your kitchen! It is so classy and cozy! I was planning to get rid of all our kitchen furniture and completely reupholster it because I wasn’t able to see how else it could be renewed. Your idea is inspiring, thank you for sharing. I’ve reconsidered and now I know what to keep and renovate and what to throw away from my kitchen and still make it look new. I hope my plan will work. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂 Best regards

    • Thank you, Amanda! Did you see what I did with our dining room? I retained the buffet, china cabinet and table, but softened the set and gave it an updated look by adding new slipcovered chairs. In our “new” kitchen, I made the 80’s orange wood appear a little more country cottage fresh by adding Martha Stewart brass hardware pulls. They made all the difference in the world and was far less expensive than a remodel! Let me know if I can offer any advice!

  34. Hi, Julie. Yes, I saw it and I loved it, as I did everything you’ve done around your home. Your flair to the detail is admirable! I like going through your posts because they are a pleasure to the eye. Keep spreading inspiration around, Julie.

  35. What brand are your floors and where were they ordered from? Have they held up, if you have pets? Thanks!

  36. Its amazing how a simple colour change can really transform the whole room. Amazing job and fantastic end result.

  37. Love your re-do. Especially love your flooring, the varied widths, color, etc. Is it a specific name brand? Could you give more info on your flooring? Thanks.

  38. I have always wanted to paint my kitchen cupboards white, but it seemed to be a huge undertaking and all my friends tell me the wood looks better! But your kitchen makes me want to even more. My countertops are fine–corian, and we already replaced the sink, but I do need a backsplash too. I had thought about the horizontal glass tiles but I’m afraid they will look dated in just a few years. What an inspiration you are!!

  39. Awesome job! We have a similarly configured kitchen, with dark oak cabinets. I’ve always disliked them, but they were new (22 years ago) when we moved in, and I’m not one for wasting. Our children were toddlers, so any renovation was, at least for the time being, out of the question. The kids are grown and we are going to sell, so I’ve been planning to have the cabinets painted white, replace the linoleum with hardwood to match the ajoining family room and replace the dated tile counter tops with quartz. Then I see your pictures… almost exactly what I plan to do, including the cabinet hardware.
    Anyway… nice job, your kitchen looks great and supports what I’ve planned to do!

  40. Please can you send me the link to your trash chute as I love it can be tiled over! Many thanks in advance Sally

    • It was custom made, but easily with wood and a hinge. The trick is to make it tight enough that air doesn’t seep through, but that it opens and closes with ease.

  41. This looks great. We are thinking of doing something similar to our kitchen with the color scheme you went with. Our cabinets are not as dark as yours, but would love to know if you have a post on here on how you went about painting those to ensure the dark wood and knots would now show through. Also is there a website or quarry you went to for your stone?

  42. Must admit it looks awesome, but how do you feel about the dishwasher being so out there? Did you consider putting a matching front on it?

  43. Awesome, I can’t believe that you can remodel this kitchen so cool like this, I love the vintage style colour so much !

  44. I hadn’t even thought about having a trash chute in the kitchen, but it seems fantastic! I hate taking out the trash, so something like that would be a blessing to have. Do things ever get stuck in the chute, or has everything gone smoothly so far? Thanks for sharing!

  45. Hi! Your kitchen is just lovely! Might be a dumb question, but did you paint the wall/soffit the same shade of white that you used for the cabinets? We recently painted our kitchen walls/soffit a shade creamier than our cabinets (cabinets are bright white) and the very slight difference is driving me bonkers. The cabinets do need repainting, so I’m considering using the wall color to make it seamless.

    Thanks so much!

  46. Beautiful! Have you considered metallic paint to get the brass hardware look you want? I wonder how it would hold up. Great job! And I had no idea they made stainless steel contact paper, that is amazing!

  47. Wow, this is a night and day difference! I love everything! It looks so simple, minimalistic, and beautiful. I love the addition of silver appliances, with natural plants, and whole lot of natural bright light! It just transforms the room into a quaint and sweet kitchen! I would have to add a pop of colour, but thats just my own style. Awesome job, and as always, thanks so much for sharing with us!

  48. I absolutely love the classic white kitchen look you did in your kitchen remodel. It’s quite the transformation compared to the before picture. I agree that hardwood really adds a lot of personality and functionality to the kitchen. Thanks for posting!

  49. This is gorgeous and you all did a great remodel job! We are getting ready to install a new kitchen in a house that we just bought and your post gave me lots of inspiration. I LOVE your light fixture. Would you mind sharing where you bought it?

    Ps. I saw the earlier comment about open shelving and I’m totally with you. I love how it looks but in small kitchens, it’s simply not practical. Plus, the constant need to keep it clean would drive this busy momma crazy, I’m afraid! 🙂

    • It was from Pottery Barn a few years ago. I believe they discontinued it, but maybe you can find something via Barnlight Electric. Search Google for pulley light. Enjoy!

  50. Did you install new white hinges or did you just paint them to match the cabinets? Afraid if we paint them they may not hold up well over time. We have the same type and are having our cabinets painted now. Not sure what to do with them. We don’t love the old style hinges we are stuck with. Would like them to recede. Yours are barely noticeable since they are white. Your kitchen is lovely!

  51. Do you remember what your source was for the new hinges? I prefer to buy new ones. We are painting BM White Dove which is a little different than the stock white which the hardware store probably offers. Hoping the difference wouldn’t be noticeable. That would be one reason to paint them. I worry, though, that the paint job wouldn’t hold up as well as we want. What do you think? Would the two shades of white stand out?

    • I think you’d be better off going with new white hinges and trying to find something similar van painting I think you would be very disappointed and the paint would peel. I actually just purchased them at Ace Hardware.

  52. What countertop did you go with?

  53. Beautiful kitchen, with white and gray make the kitchen became more bright and clean. Fabulous job!!!

  54. Love the white and the hardwood floors .. looks amazing!

  55. Hi Julie!

    Can you come to NY and help us with our kitchen remodel? Please???? 🙂

    We’re trying to decide on flooring. I really want hardwood (It’s in the rest of the house), but our contractor says we’ll run the risk of the planks near the sink eventually turning black from water. Their suggestion is tiles that look like wood, but I despise the hard and cold feel of tile. How did your hardwood hold up in the kitchen?

    Thanks for your time and expertise.

    • I highly recommend sand and stain hardwood – I have never had issue with water near the sink – it stays in the sink! Every now and then it dribbles, but as with any other floor, you wipe it dry. I personally love wood and prefer it over cold tile that I’ve lost one too many dishes on. We have wood in our current kitchen and it looks the same nearly 3 years later. I’m so excited for your remodel! Let me know if I can help answer any other questions for you.

  56. Hello, I am in the middle of a complete remodel and I am going for the all-white look. The cabinets are Dove White, black granite counter tops, and a very similar wood floor. My question is, are your walls white also? It’s difficult to tell in the picture. I am wondering if I should paint my walls the same color as my cabinets and trim, but in a different sheen. Your walls look white enough but I am looking for color names or suggestions. Thanks!

    • They were a very light grey (Sherwin Williams Rhinestone), but I would have done them the same as the cabinets if I had to do it over again, which is what we’re doing in our new kitchen.

  57. Hi! Where did you get the rug underneath your sink? Exactly what I’m looking for.


  58. Hi! I realize this is an old post, but hoping i can get an answer! Currently redoing our kitchen, and we will have white finished cabinets. Trying to decide on a paint color…i REALLY want an all white kitchen but can’t decide if painting the walls white with white cabinets would be too much! What color is on your walls? From the looks, it looks like both cabinets and walls are white, but wanted to be sure! Beautiful kitchen!

    • I painted them a light gray, but if I had to do it over again, I would have used the same shade on the walls and cabinets – eggshell for the walls and cabinets sprayed with semi-gloss so they’re easy to wipe down, but when diluted for the sprayer not so shiny. I hope that helps!

  59. Did you paint the cabinets yourself? We are considering it (currently have dark brown cabinets), but we’re worried we may be trying to take on too much.

    • No, I definitely recommend hiring someone to spray them for a smooth finish….I cannot imagine the amount of hours you’d spend doing it yourself. Sorry!

  60. Very pretty! We sanded and painted our old cabinets white and spray-painted the old handles antique bronze/brown. I would like to paint the old formica countertops some day. Hubby moved a wall and enlarged the connecting laundry utility room to also be a food pantry. We added new light fixtures. The only costs were for paint, mud, a little wood, and the light fixtures, and a whole lot of sweat! But very frugal diy-ing for us. We had 5 kids at the time, so very little money to spare.

    5.0 rating

  61. Thanks for sharing your kitchen remodel!
    I Love it!

  62. Your kitchen is so beautiful! Is your refrigerator all up against the wall or is your pantry by the wall refrigerator in the middle? 

    • It’s on the opposite side by the breakfast room and mudroom. You can see it on Instagram highlights, but it’s not finished yet so I haven’t really shared it.

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