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Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House | Colonial Home Tour

I heard through the grapevine that someone was surprised how quickly our house sold & how much it sold for. They mentioned that they thought we had a small living room. At first it hurt my feelings. Our living room was one of my favorite rooms in the house that we made a home. We chose deep sofas & used a lot of furniture to make it feel “cozy”. To us, it was. It had more than enough room for a dance party with my girls, but remained intimate, which was everything I wanted our home to be. Bigger is not always better {in my personal opinion}. However, we were able to seat 11 comfortably, which also fits our entertaining lifestyle.

I know our house was not perfect, but it was perfect for us. I started this blog to share little tidbits to help you design a life & home you love that suits your lifestyle. I always loved the saying “fashion over function”, but why can’t you have both in a home? I feel they blend well, when thought out. I believe in designing a home that celebrates life. Going back to one of my favorite quotes, “What I love most about my home is who I share it with” by Tad Carpenter, size, doesn’t really matter, it’s who you share it with – both family & guests, that counts. I encourage you to welcome guests into your home without worry of what they may think. The most beautiful element of a home are the memories you make in it.

As a blogger, it’s easy to get caught up in “likes” & comments, but I try to remain true to our style & lifestyle & create for my family, not the blog. It may not result in a significant Instagram following, but it has resulted in a happy heart. When decorating, I encourage you to do the same – follow your heart & create for you.

Just before our move, Rose of Paper Crane Photography created a tour of our home through photographs. Enjoy the latest home tour of our traditional Colonial & follow through the links for additional details & sources!

Greige painted brick on traditional Colonial home

Gorgeous front porch with envelope mailbox, cottage lighting & a front door with windows

The exterior

traditional entryway full of light

The entryway

A traditional dining room that blends new & old

The dining room

Traditional living room with wood beams, white painted brick fireplace & built-in bookcases

Traditional living room with wood beams, white painted brick fireplace & built-in bookcases

Traditional living room with wood beams, white painted brick fireplace & built-in bookcases

The living room

Custom wood floors that blend rustic with traditional

Custom wood floors

See the before and after of this DIY half bath on a budget filled with tips for a small bathroom

Half bath

A casual white black & grey kitchen

A gorgeous traditional white kitchen with white subway tile, stainless appliances & rustic wood floors

Lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner shares a tour of her traditional Colonial home full of DIY details & clever storage solutions!

The kitchen

A multi purpose sunroom that is used for coffee, an office & access to the flower & herb gardens

A multi purpose sunroom that is used for coffee, an office & access to the flower & herb gardens

The sunroom

A traditional mudroom laundry room combo with unique storage solutions

The mudroom

Pretty basement remodel with simple do it yourself solutions

Pretty basement remodel with simple do it yourself solutions

The basement – living room | wet bar | bathroom

A dark & dreary basement space was converted to a bright & beautiful bedroom for just $300!

Basement guest bedroom

A traditional stairwell makeover, exposing the treads & risers

Stairwell makeover

Pretty, pink & playful bedroom for a little girl

Adalyn’s bedroom

Playful & pretty nursery for a baby girl

Isla’s bedroom

Ani’s bedroom

Pairing wood with neutrals - a traditional master bedroom

Our bedroom

A simple built-in closet tutorial - unbelievably easy to turn a step in closet to a walk in closet!

Our master closet

Thanks for stopping by! Want to take a tour of our “new” house? I’d love to have you join me on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook! You can also subscribe here!


55 comments on “Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House | Colonial Home Tour”

  1. Your home is simply lovely. I love reading blogs about home decor, and yours is one of my favorites. Posts like yours inspire me to be excited about decorating a home someday, and make the most of the places my husband and I will live until we settle down. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Hannah! I really appreciate it. Thanks for making me smile!

    • Hi! I had a question of whether or not to paint all of our wood trim white (it would be the baseboards, closets, doors, door grams and windows/window frames). We just moved it and already looked at hiring someone to paint it all and it’s really expensive. Thoughts? I can post pictures of the house to get your opinion.

  2. Your house is absolutely GORGEOUS. If it popped up in St Louis when we were looking to buy, this would have been my #1 pick.

    I’m going to take a guess and say that the person who was surprised your house sold so quickly isn’t from St Louis. Property just flies around here! I’m in one of those desirable suburbs (you know the one), and houses never come up for just talk to a realtor and before you even start the process of selling, she already has offers for you! I think it’s a good thing. And I think your house is perfection 🙂

  3. I just realized you’re in KC, not St Louis. Sorry for the mix-up!

  4. Hi Julie!
    I love this post and your blog! I couldn’t agree more about keeping your home “cozy” and finding your own style! I’m a new blogger and just found your blog and noticed that you were from KC and then now St Louis. We used to live in Joplin, Mo before the tornado and then relocated to Rogers AR which is still close! I just wanted to reach out and say Hi! Many of the bloggers that I am following are on the east coast so I was so excited to find you live in the good ole Midwest!

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  6. Your home is beautiful, Julie!
    Thanks so much for sharing photos with us.
    PS I smiled when I saw your accordion side table. I just bought one for our sitting room . . . and love its style.

  7. I love your blog as well. I was just stating on my blog how I want to remain true to what I love and to believe in what I am doing. Keep moving forward. Your style and taste is immaculate!

  8. Julie,
    Love your post. You it hit right on the nail. It’s about hospitality and making your house a home. Love your decorating style and all the great tips you share.

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  12. found your blog via 6th Street Design School. I just love your clean, but warm style. You’ve done such a beautiful job selecting the prettiest finishes. And, your walls have me wanting to paint my whole house white. lovely home!

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  14. Truly lovely! May I ask how you live with kids and so much white? I’m amazed.

    • Somewhere along the way I wrote a post about it – my philosophy is that it’s not any cleaner just because you can’t see it. I use fabrics that wipe down easily, eggshell paint {for the same reason} & just relax & enjoy it! It’s usually me that ends up making a mess. Lol!

  15. Your house is simple, understated and well-edited! Don’t ever live in the prison of caring about what other people think– everybody’s taste is different. I live in an old (and very imperfect) Greek revival house. Most of my friends think I’m crazy, but every morning I wake up in my dream home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way ♥

  16. So charming. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  17. Your home is beautiful! I love your clean and fresh design aesthetic.

  18. I think this house is amazing! Looks very simple and elegant and most important, lived in and loved with your careful touches. This brighten my morning, while sipping my coffee and touring! Have a fab weekend! Blessings, Suzaan

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  20. Julie, this is my first time to your blog (coming from Jennifer Rizzo) and I absolutely LOVE your decorating style. Your house is beautiful! I can’t wait to sit down tonight with a glass of wine after my kiddos are in bed and check more of it out:). Happy Monday!

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  22. Oh my God, it looks gorgeous!!! I don’t think I could ever make my place look this put together even if the Queen of England announced her arrival a year in advance and I always thought I was a quite tidy and organized person….wow! I absolutely love the books the “wrong” way in the shelf. Such a brilliant idea! Congratulations on your beautiful home!

  23. I just found your blog through Pinterest and I love your style. This home tour was GORGEOUS! Excited to continue following along and to get decorating pointers from you!

  24. Dear Julie,
    Thanks for sharing your home.
    I would like to ask you, I hope be not too personal, cleanliness and order in your home is made by yourself or do you have an staff who help you?
    I live in Madrid (Spain) in an apartment and do not know how to get to have it so beautifully perfect. Any advise?
    Thanks in advance for your answer
    Best regards

    Tatiana (an imperfect housewife)

    • I wish I did, but our home is perfectly imperfect. It’s not always the cleanest, but it’s filled with loves and fingerprints that remind me what’s important.

  25. I LOVE your house! It’s amazing and I would have bought it from you in a heartbeat and asked if I could have bought it furnished *wink* Simply stunning. What a fine house indeed. XO

  26. Hi Julie,

    I would love to purchase similar candle holders. Is it brass? Where did you purchase them?

    Love them!


  27. Hi Julie! I look forward to reading your posts. Where did you find your reading lamp? I am looking for one and like yours!

  28. Yes, thank you! Merry Christmas!

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