Some Things are Meant to Be | Hand Scraped Wood Floors

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Now that I have shared our kitchen, I realized, I never shared one of the most commonly asked questions about our home – our custom hardwood floors. Very few people enter our home without commenting on them. They’re a little unexpected. You’ve seen them in various posts, but now it’s time to let them shine!

custom handscraped hardwood | how to achieve a rustic look!

As many of you know, while we didn’t install them ourselves, it was a labor of love. They didn’t exactly go as planned & wasn’t the most pleasant experience. Anyone who has worked with contractors can relate! In the end, we love them. The floors are so forgiving, which I’m thankful for with 3 kids & a pup!

hand carved custom hardwood floors via

Hand scraped flooring creates a unique look. So unique, that it cannot be duplicated in a factory. Each board is scraped and/or distressed by skilled artisans. No two boards look alike, instantly adding interest & character. When we were pricing our floors {over 2 1/2 years ago}, we found that true hand scraped flooring is difficult to find, but the term is used loosely, especially with partially engineered hardwoods. It’s important to know the process if you’re doing a price comparison.

We chose to do 3″, 4″, & 5″ boards to give varying widths. We selected rift & quartered white oak wood with a chestnut stain. We had them finished in tung oil versus polyurethane to give them a subtle rustic, comfortable lived in feel. Traditionally, hardwood floors are finished in polyurethane. The oil is significantly more expensive, so when we had our living room floors sanded & stained to match, we opted for a matte polyurethane.


This was the sample floor we took home from the factory – I still love the color!

custom handscraped hardwood floors

As you can see, ours are much darker. Long story short, they were supposed to be stained in-home & they stained them at the factory – in the wrong color.

custom handscraped hardwood floors

I would have loved the original, but love our darker hardwoods just as much. What do you think? Click here to see how we created this look for less in the basement. Follow along my home posts with #celebratehome on Instagram.