Classic Kitchen: Farmhouse Sink

LAST UPDATED: Apr 30, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Oct 13, 2017 | By: Julie Blanner

why i love my apron front farmhouse sink

My classic kitchen remodel series continues with all the details about our farmhouse sink – and why I chose it. Our carpenter finally returned today to talk about the dishwasher and refrigerator that have been awaiting panels for months and I couldn’t be more excited to put this renovation behind me, but one thing helps carry me through…

classic apron front sink in porcelain

the love of my farmhouse sink! I mean, even doing dishes is more fun now! It’s the little extra motivation I need because I don’t want anything sitting in that pretty porcelain sink.

farmhouse sink - all the details about an apron front sink

I have long loved a beautiful white farmhouse sink, also known as an apron front sink. We had considered adding one to the kitchen at our previous home when we remodeled, but it would have required too much alteration to the cabinets we were saving {that helped us keep our budget to less than $5,000}.

Then we moved to our new home and my dreams of a farmhouse sink felt like they may never come to fruition as we weren’t sure we would do a full kitchen renovation, updating the 80’s / 90’s kitchen with a little paint and few accents instead. So when we decided to take the leap and do a full kitchen remodel, the farmhouse sink search was on!

apron front farmhouse sink installation pros and cons

There are so many beautiful options including a very budget friendly farmhouse sink from IKEA, which my friend Tori integrated seamlessly into her beautiful new kitchen. An array of modern farmhouse sink options are available with clean lines and of course, options in different materials like copper.

There was one sink I just couldn’t stop thinking about though, and that’s the classic Shaws Original Fireclay Apron Front Sink. It’s heavy {weighing in at over 160 pounds}, thick, making it feel substantial, and has imperfections to perfection. Rather than being 100% smooth, there are beautiful variations. But that little blue “Shaws Original” emblem? Classic.

everything you need to know about an apron front farmhouse sink


One of the main concerns I had read before purchasing our apron front / farmhouse sink were that you need a grate at the bottom to prevent scratches. To be honest, the reviews of apron front sinks tend to be horrible! Having a porcelain fireclay sink at the lake cottage and knowing they are the most classic style sink, I didn’t worry too much. They are loved for a reason! Sure, pots and pans can leave little silver marks in the basin of the sink, but it’s nothing a quick wipe down can’t eliminate. There’s just something about this classic style that makes the kitchen feel a little warmer and lived in.

Important notes before you purchase a farmhouse sink:

  • most cities have codes how many inches your walkways need to be. Be mindful that a farmhouse sink can easily add 2-3″ outside of the cabinet.
  • it requires a special cutout, which can be challenging depending on which one you choose. It requires a lot of precision.
  • sprayer required.

I couldn’t do with out sprayer – it’s a lifesaver to encourage bits of food to the drain in this style sink. I had a reader mention she wish she had added one to her prep sink as well. You can read more about our faucet and sprayer here. Until then, let me know – do you love farmhouse sinks or prefer an undermount / drop-in sink?


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