15 Hostess Gifts for Every Occasion

LAST UPDATED: Nov 20, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Nov 15, 2011 | By: Julie Blanner
All who visit make me happy, some by arriving and some by leaving.”  Show your gratitude with a hostess gift.

A gift for the host or hostess is a nice way of thanking them for the invitation and doesn’t have to be expensive.  A gift is certainly not anticipated, but appreciated.  You should definitely bring a hostess gift:

If you are the guest of honor {if someone is hosting a shower or celebration on your behalf}

If you have not been asked to contribute to the occasion by bringing food or beveragesFollow the links for DIY tutorials

Flour Sack Towels {$5/4 at Target}
DIY Personalized Stationery {$6}
Note Cards {$4.50/10}
or for a beach house invitation, Citrus Sugar Scrub for the beach shower
This lavender mint softening bath soak is great for the day after hosting.

Gift ensemble of hand soap, cleaner, room spray and dish towels.

Mint Julep Cup – the options are endless!
Candle {Voluspa at Anthropologie $16}
Olive Oil {shown St. Helena Olive Oil $16}.  Many cities offer local olive oil stores as well!
A custom hand towel.
Additional Hostess Gift Ideas:
I designed this hostess gift around one of my favorite recipes.
And for the exceptional host, a picnic basket!
What are your favorite hostess gift ideas?