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Roses and Eucalyptus Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

An easy tutorial to learn how to arrange roses and eucalyptus into a beautiful centerpiece through the help of step by step instructions and a video tutorial.

how to arrange roses for valentines day

I’m so excited to join another Styled + Set Tour to set the table for Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing more romantic than dinner for two, at home, is there? 

I really enjoy cooking with Chris when we have the opportunity. It’s not only nice to have an extra set of hands in the kitchen, but a time when we can connect and work together.

There’s no need to set the table in the breakfast room when it’s just the two of us, so I set the island when we have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner for two.

setting the mood for valentines day

We longed for an oversized island that we could sit {and sip} at for years and it’s finally come to fruition with our {yet to be completed} kitchen renovation. It’s the perfect place to prepare dinner and cozy up for a romantic evening in.

how to arrange roses

cream kitchen with brass lighting and lacanche range

Roses are the quintessential Valentine’s Day flowers but aren’t always considered a favorite or appealing because of the stiff baby’s breath filled arrangements you’ve come to expect from grocery stores.

arrangement with grocery store roses

I wanted to share a fresh take on how I arrange roses with eucalyptus – step by step to set the table for your own romantic evening at home.

roses and eucalyptus

Can you believe these are nearly a week old? As roses open, they only become more beautiful. Just keep the water fresh.

how to arrange roses

how to arrange roses and eucalyptus

how to arrange flowers

step by step tutorial with video how to arrange roses

Rose and Eucalyptus Flower Arrangement

Prep Time 10 mins Total Time 10 mins


  • 3 dozen roses
  • 2 bunches of eucalyptus


Prep your roses by measuring how long you want them to be and trimming them all about equally. You want them about 4-5" longer than the vase when positioned diagonally. Remove any leaves that will fall below the base of the vase.
Fill your vase with water. Add roses to the vase allowing them to fall to each side of the vase {see video}.
Start filling in {alternating a few of another color if you choose} using the existing stems to help you position new roses making some vertical.
Trim eucalyptus to be an additional 6+" longer than the roses and again remove any leaves that would fall below the base of the vase.
Insert eucalyptus around the edge of the vase all the way around or at 3 opposite points.
Add small stems of eucalyptus {3} nestled in between roses at opposite points in the flower arrangement and adjust roses as needed to appear full.

Recipe Notes

roses open with time - this centerpiece because more beautiful as the days pass, just refresh the water
if you don't like how it looks, adjust. small tweaks can make a big difference

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how to arrange flowers

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14 comments on “Roses and Eucalyptus Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement”

  1. Julie, your arrangement is so lovely and works beautifully in your pretty kitchen! Just the right note of gentle warmth!

  2. Julie I am in awe of your floral arranging ability! Frankly mine pales in comparison so I’m definitely taking notes from your video! And I love the color choice of your roses. They are so unusual and just stunning with the brass in your pretty white kitchen.

    Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


  3. Wow!!! Beautiful and elegant … thank you for the recipe of how to ROSES and EUCALYPTUS

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