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How to Arrange Tulips

How to arrange tulips {it’s easier than you think!}

tulip arrangement

Maybe it’s because it’s been cold and gloomy, but I’m ready for a little refresh. It’s time to bring in fresh flowers that just might inspire spring to come.

This time of year, tulips are plentiful in stores, and often inexpensive, too. I take advantage by incorporating them into our home, making it feel fresh and sometimes, colorful.

white tulips in kitchen

Today, I’m teaching you how to arrange tulips. They’re a favorite of mine for a number of reasons, including that my mom’s garden was full of them, but also because they are foolproof to arrange.

Yes, you read that right! I used to fuss and fight with tulips, frustrated with their leaves and the mess they’d become when I’d attempt to arrange them.

tulips in vase

One day, my friend Erin {who inspires a lot of the florals here} told me a secret.

You don’t arrange them. You put tulips in a vase and they will go where they want to.

At first, I was shocked, but I thought about how tulips tend to look more beautiful with every day that passes and I realized what I already knew – she was right. She’s always right. You don’t arrange tulips.

So, what do you do?

how to arrange tulips

You place them in a vase. But first…

How to create a tulip arrangement that will last:

  1. Rinse tulip stems with cold water to remove any dirt that is trapped in the leaves.
  2. Trim the stems of your tulips 1″ or more using sharp shears. {Note: I tend to leave 6-8″ above the vase for tulip only arrangements}  Remember, you can always go shorter, but never longer.
  3. Remove any excess leaves.
  4. Fill a vase with cool water.
  5. Place your tulips in the vase.

How to stop drooping:

Using sharp shears or a knife to avoid crushing the stem, cut 1″+ off the stem, remove any excess leaves and replace with water with cool, fresh water.

Why do tulip arrangements droop?

Their long stems are soft and weak, therefore can’t support the heavy bud. Embrace this as it’s what makes tulips prettier each day!

If your tulips feel a bit “stiff” don’t worry, they’ll start to relax in just a few hours!

how to make a tulip arrangement

You can find all of my flower and tulip arrangements here!


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12 comments on “How to Arrange Tulips”

  1. Great sharing Juile,
    Love the awesome idea to arrange Tulips.

    5.0 rating

  2. If you put a penny in the vase they won’t droop quite as much. 

  3. Thank you! Always have great tutorials!

    5.0 rating

  4. Use 4-7 pennies. Works every time!

    IF you keep buying fresh tulips, after about 3 soakings in tulips you will need to replace these pennies and begin with another group of pennies. Don’t know why or how. Don’t ask questions.
    Just enjoy!!!!!!!!

    Continue to change the water after a few days (using original pennies STILL) and shorten your stems. ENJOY!

    PS do not re use pennies in tulips, spend them on more tulips.

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  6. Absolutely love this!!! Did you get your tulips at Trader Joe’s or a florist?  Are they long stems? 

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  8. Julie I love your vase!!! Where from?! 

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