Cream Kitchen Cabinets

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  • The prettiest paint color for cream kitchen cabinets for a warm and inviting kitchen and what I love about them.

    cream cabinets

    I’m overdue for a kitchen update. That’s because there really isn’t one. Our kitchen stalled a couple months ago and as a result, I have, too. I can’t find motivation to accessorize, organize or photograph the kitchen, but I’m hoping now that school is in session that will change.

    I’m also hoping our cabinet maker will return soon to put the panels on our refrigerator and dishwasher and the finishing touches on the rest of the kitchen. But today I’m sharing the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions about our kitchen. What paint color are your cream kitchen cabinets?

    unlacquered brass cabinet hardware - hinges, knobs and pulls

    Oh, if only it were that easy. You know, to find the exact paint color you want! In our previous home, we had white cabinets, but at times it felt a bit stark.

    Cream cabinets feel warm, but still offer a light, breezy feeling. They’re perfect for a North or South facing room that tends to read blue – especially in winter.

    Colors like Antique White tend to look dingy or yellow. I love a light yet warm cream paint color which can be difficult to achieve. I have my favorites (you can see my favorite cream paint colors here), but I wanted something a little different for the kitchen.

    The cream cabinets needed blend with the adjacent breakfast nook and mudroom that are painted Navajo White. However, not quite as “yellow”. The color also had to blend with the neighboring living room, which is Zurich White, which is a dustier cream.

    kitchen renovation reality

    The color also had to complement the Olympia Danby marble without making it feel too white or too grey. Small feat, right?

    So I took the easy route. I had Lacanche send a swatch of the range I had on order and had it color matched. It took a few attempts, but I think it’s absolutely perfect.

    Our cream kitchen cabinets are not too white, too bright, too dusty, or too yellow. So what should I call it? Just Right White? Lacanche Cream? Sugar Cookie? I had to work sweets in there somehow.

    Whatever you want to call it, I thought I’d share the color code for those who want cream cabinets that remind you of a sugar cookie.

    unlacquered brass cabinet hardware - hinges, knobs and pulls

    This color would make the perfect furniture paint color, too! After all, our kitchen cabinets were designed to look like furniture.

    You can use it on your kitchen island, though we chose to compliment it with a wood island.

    This color is perfect for a traditional kitchen, but also works well for a modern, contemporary or country kitchen. It is a beautiful contrast to hardwood floors. You can also find subway tiles similar in color or opt to use a beadboard backsplash and paint it in the same color.

    Not sure what to paint the walls? The same color works well for both walls and ceiling. For walls I like to use eggshell sheen and for ceiling, flat. If you use the same color for your walls as your cream cabinets, your kitchen will instantly appear larger.

    The Best Cream Kitchen Cabinet Color

    Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Semi-Gloss (diluted for sprayer)

    BAC Colorant   OZ  32  64  128

    NI-Raw Umber  –     2     –     1

    Y3-Deep Gold    –      –     1     –

    You can see more of our new kitchen design with pendant lights and unlacquered brass hardware here!


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