Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

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All the details about Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, including spaces it can be used in, how it looks in various light, colors to pair it with and more! Take a photo tour of this paint color used in a real home!

A dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible beige, with upholstered white chairs and a wood table.

Choosing paint colors is a big decision that takes a lot of consideration. Whether it’s a room or entire home, you only want to do it once.

I don’t take paint color decisions lightly, but fortunately for you, you can! I am taking the guesswork out of selecting paint colors. By detailing pros, cons, features, styles, where to use it, colors to pair, sheens and more – all you’ll have to do is sample to confirm.

I love discussing paint colors with you! You’ll find an incredible variety of information about paint here on the blog, including amazing DIY paint projects (like painting without sanding), specific paint color analysis, and details on my paint palettes. I’ve even got printable paint charts to help you keep track of your colors!

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige is a warm neutral paint color that is universally loved. In fact, even Joanna Gaines recreated it for Ace Hardware (see Soft Linen for reference).

It has a lot of the same attributes as Agreeable Gray, and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, yet it’s a little warmer and less gray… while some might call it a greige, I think it’s more of a true warm neutral!

It’s a balanced beige paint with a dusty hue which works well with whites and blue hues.

Spaces Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige is the Best Fit For

  • exterior
  • deck
  • patio
  • suitable for East, West, North, or South facing interior rooms that receive ample light

How Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige Feels

  • day – warm and soft
  • evening – warm

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige Undertones

  • a touch of beige
  • a touch of gray
  • hint of red

Accessible Beige works best in natural light. It is a bit darker than many of my favorite cream paint colors, which lends itself to well lit spaces.

It’s perfect for North facing and South facing spaces that can tend to read a little blue. 

We had this house painted just before we moved in. We selected just three colors, to keep the color palette simple, neutral and provide a great flow from room to room. (Four paint colors in total once we also used Accessible Beige!)

I LOVED the paint color we chose for the main level for the kitchen and family room, but remained anxious to repaint the dining room.

I wanted the space to feel warmer and more intimate. I love mixing tans and grays, but the gray I selected just wasn’t warm enough to provide the feel I was looking for.

Two and a half years later, I finally convinced Chris that it was time to repaint the space! I sought the best neutral paint color that would transition from season to season, since I often host parties and holidays.

A dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible beige, with upholstered white chairs and a wood table.

My general rule of thumb is to use no more than 3-5 paint colors throughout your home, regardless of maintaining a neutral or colorful home.

Having just three other colors overall, I knew I could mix it up with success for the dining room. I used Sherwin-Williams tools to select my color.

A dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible beige, with a botanical print on the walls.

Painting indoors? You can learn all about choosing ceiling paint and trim paint here! You will also find detailed information about using this color in tile paint and furniture paint.

Accessible Beige LRV

It has a lower LRV (light reflective value) of 72, which means that it can make a room feel softer and cozier.

The hex code is #d1c7b8 which can help you see how it would look in your space using this how to design a room when you’re not a designer trick.

A dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible beige, with upholstered white chairs and a wood table.

Trim Color to Pair with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Accessible Beige works really well with untinted white trim. However, you can also paint the trim the same color as the walls in a higher sheen.

For example, if you paint the walls in eggshell, use semi-gloss for the trim in the same color. It looks and feels rich! You can learn more about trim paint here.

Accessible Beige makes a beautiful trim color as well! 

As previously mentioned, it works so well with un-tinted white, you can paint a kitchen wall Accessible Beige to offer contrast to white kitchen cabinets.

A dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible beige, with upholstered white chairs and a wood table.

“Stick to the things you really love, an honest room is always up to date.”

-Billy Baldwin

This quote also applies to the paint color I selected for this room.

Sherwin-Williams SW 7306 Accessible Beige is the perfect neutral that allows the things – and people you love, to shine.

A dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, with a gold bar cart in the corner.

Dining Room Makeover in Accessible Beige

To complete the makeover, I also wanted to add larger artwork. The existing artwork was 11×14, and I always felt the scale was much too small for the large space. I replaced them with 16×20 botanical prints.

Designing to scale always makes a space feel more intimate. The botanical prints are timeless and work with my everyday decor.

When we have company, I create a fresh centerpiece for the dining room. However, the other 90% of the time, I’d like to have a little something “organic.”

Unfortunately, I tend to get distracted and neglect plants in the dining room. I found a beautiful faux plant that looks authentic and added it to one of my pots from our recent trip to St. Helena.

A dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible beige, with upholstered white chairs and a wood table.

Accessorizing with Accessible Beige

I also like to treat my dining room like my living room, making the space comfortable and welcoming. I could (and do) sit in our chairs for hours. I accessorize our dining room just like I do the living room.

I added a soft, subtle blue throw for a hint of color and added comfort. Originally, I considered using coral, but with a beautiful neutral paint color, I can just change out the throw from one season to the next, creating a completely different aesthetic!

I love that with Accessible Beige on the walls, I don’t have to commit to just one accent color.

I’m not afraid to mix metals. Our dining room is filled with vintage metals, including brass, tarnished silver and pewter. It adds a little depth to the space while still limiting the color.

I hung a couple favorite silver dishes from the platter wall at our old house above the bar cart in lieu of art.

Our dining room is an eclectic mix of old and new. Pieces passed down from my Grandmothers, Craigslist and thrift store finds along with a few new purchases.

I believe if it’s something you love, you can make it work in any space {i.e. the dresser in the dining room}.

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