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Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois

All the details about one of my favorite paint colors, Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois.

bm soft chamois cream paint color

I discovered Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois from one of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard. I love how warm it feels, yet still very light, giving the illusion of space in our foyer bath and creating a relaxing retreat in areas like our master bedroom.

When we moved into our home, we had the entire upstairs painted Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois, and have never looked back! In fact, we loved it so much we repainted our foyer bath in it as well and I often contemplate repainting our dining room with it because it’s current color feels a bit too cool with it’s lighting situation.

warm white paint color soft chamois

This is one of the most versatile paint colors I’ve used to date. It’s a great fit for a lot of spaces and it’s so soft.

a soft warm white paint color

soft cream paint color

During the day it looks light and beautiful, and at night warm, but not yellow or dirty.

best warm white paint color

To help you decide which paint color is right for you, I’m breaking them down with pros and cons of each, where they’re best used, etc.

benjamin moore soft chamois cream paint color

Spaces Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois is the best fit for:

  • open concept spaces
  • traditional floor plans
  • rooms with natural lighting
  • rooms without natural lighting

How Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois makes a room feel:

  • light and airy
  • warm
  • soft

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois undertones:

  • a hint of yellow

Styles Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois Fits:

  • traditional
  • transitional
  • country

I love all of our paint colors, but this cream paint color is foolproof for any space and lighting situation. I’ve yet to see it in a space where I don’t absolutely love it!

You can find all of our paint colors here and keep track of all of yours here. If you use any of them, please return to share your thoughts!

22 comments on “Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois”

  1. Julie,
    I recently found your blog and adore your designs. I was looking for a way to lighten up my master bedroom so on your recommendation, I painted it Soft Chamois. I LOVE the way it turned out. Thanks so much for sharing pics of your home.

  2. I have used soft chamois too and love it. What formula and sheen do you use?

    • I use Benjamin Moore (their version of egg shell) and have also had it made in Valspar eggshell. It pairs beautifully with white trim or you can paint the trim the same color in satin or semi-gloss.

  3. I love the photos of your up stairs wall color “Soft Camois”
    I’m getting ready to paint the inside of my home that color in a velvet sheen
    I’m thinking about painting the crown molding the same color but semigloss
    Would you please share your trim color ?

  4. Hi I’m from the U.K. I love this colour and your house is beautiful. I’m wanting to paint my daughters room it’s is pretty small with not a lot of natural light. Do you think this colour would work? 

  5. We are painting a Kitchen and are stuck between Navajo White and now Soft Chamois. The main room has plenty of light and down the hallway is a little darker. Also, want to use it in 1/2 bath. The floors are dark. Help, I can’t decide and usually after every paint job I don’t love the color. Also, we have a bow window in the kitchen and looking for a contrast color for this wall. Any suggestions.

    • That’s so tough! I think either would be beautiful, but I would try a sample of both and look at it morning, noon and night to see which one reads better for you!

  6. Can the Benjamin Moore paint Soft Chamois be used to paint a dresser??

  7. Hi! We are painting our family room which opens up into our kitchen and dining area. It’s county with antique white farm house table top rustic wood medium brown top, and a hutch. The room was painted powellbuff, but I wanted to get away from the gold-ish color to update. I just painted it Pale Oak and I hate it again the off white furniture. Pale Oak is pretty but too cool for my look.  So, now I am in between  Najavo White or Soft chamois. My concern is the antique white furniture, I don’t want it to be too bland. What do you think? Can you help? 

    • I personally would choose Soft Chamois – I worry your antique white table would compete with Navajo White {is it Benjamin Moore’s? I haven’t used SW NW}.

  8. I have had so many samples and testings on my wwll and cant make up my mind, but one of the colors is soft chamoise or ballet white, my house is spanish with old fashion reddish saltillo floors… does soft chaoise looks soft and bright at the same time? A little yellow but also grey?

  9. Can you share where you purchased the doll house shown in the photos? I love it! 

  10. Hi Julie I’m really  hoping you can help.  I feel like I opened Pandoras box on painting.  We purchased a home that has Bone White Trim and Glazed Cabinets that are about the same color.  The trim and millwork is everywhere and the doors are the same color Bone White.  The ceilings are Soft Chamois.  I want to change the trim without muddying the look of the ceilings and kitchen cabinets.  I tried White Dove but it looks stark white.  Obviously the builder and designer had picked Bone White to come close to the cabinets but I just can’t live with the yellowish trim color everything anymore.  The cabinets are beautiful so I don’t want to paint them too.  What do you think about using Soft Chamois for the trim and Mill work?

    Any help you can give or let me know if there’s a consultation fee.



    • That’s a tough one! I use untinted white trim with Soft Chamois walls. Unless your home is an open concept, would it make more sense to retain in the kitchen and treat the rest of your home separately?

  11. I have a small living room and I will be painting it with soft chamois walls.presently it is a dark taupe and we are so tired of the darkness! I will be buying Benjamin Moore paint.what color do I paint the ceiling? Do I do it the same color or a white? I am not sure which white would go with the soft chamois.we would paint the molding the same color as the ceiling. We use eggshell for walls and I think satin on ceilings and trim, but am not sure. We are also going to paint the mantle and sides and columns of the dark fireplace. I assume the same color as the ceiling? Can you help me here?

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