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Our Updated Breakfast Nook

traditional breakfast room / kitchen ideas

I always knew our breakfast nook had potential, but it’s taken nearly two years to bring it to life. For me, the breakfast nook is one of the most important spaces in our home. It’s where the girls’ day begins, chatting over bowls of cereal and fruit, and where we come together as a family in the evening. I always envisioned lingering around the table long after dinner, talking about our day and playing board games. It’s fun to bring that vision to life, creating a space to spend quality time with our family and entertain friends.

breakfast nook before


It appeared that what is now our breakfast nook was a bonus room for the previous owners. The beautiful view was somewhat hindered due to blinds inside the windows and doors {learn how to add light to a room here}, but after living in it for a while, we realized exactly what the room needed and over the past year and a half, it has evolved. We started by replacing the linoleum with wood floors last summer, unfortunately, a new roof and a significant leak ensued. The wall had to be replaced, but the raised floors eventually dried out and went back into place.

Still, it lacked warmth. I needed something to balance the patio doors and windows. A few years ago, I saw this casual dining room with brick floors and an oversized cow painting {original source unknown} and started my almost absurd cow painting search. For a few years, I was unsuccessful, but finally came across this similar cow painting from Ballard Designs. I was beyond excited to finally add her to our home. 

breakfast nook with cow painting, lantern, beams, brick floors, wood table

beautiful farmhouse kitchen / breakfast nook

casual dining room decorating ideas

No breakfast room is complete without our first purchase, a table! We purchased a Restoration Hardware baluster table first, followed by a trestle table. I collected antique chairs and an array of chairs on sale to give our table a relaxed, eclectic feel.

a casual kitchen / breakfast nook

traditional breakfast room and casual dining room decor

Let’s not judge my floors, okay? They looked clean until I saw this closeup. That brings me to my next addition – the rug! I fell head over heels in love with this rug online, but love how soft it feels on our feet even more. It gave the room the traditional style I was looking for, in addition to eliminating an echo from Isla. She only has one volume, and it’s not low.

beautiful breakfast room and kitchen decorating ideas

beautiful traditional farmhouse decor

We had shadow box trim installed to add character and balance the windows and doors. I absolutely love it! We had it painted the same color, but in a different sheen for depth rather than contrast. Unfortunately, I don’t love the paint color and will soon have it repainted, but wanted to share the process with you rather than the final result. I’m not perfect and neither are my decisions. Sometimes it’s just trial and error. It was supposed to be the same color as the mudroom, but the paint has more of a yellow tint. I’m going to take a deep breath, paint a wall from the can purchased for the mudroom and decide if we need to have it remade or select a different color altogether.

how to decorate your kitchen or breakfast room

breakfast room of home blogger Julie Blanner

You know I love versatile pieces and this brass table also from my friends at Ballard Designs is no exception! I’ve had my eye on it since we purchased our living room furniture 4 years ago. The kitchen bumps out into our breakfast nook, creating  this tiny little corner that needed something. I selected this brass tray table because it’s a beautiful accent piece for everyday, but also makes a great bar cart for entertaining. It’s easy to move, so we can also use it in our nearby outdoor living room or dining room.

functional furniture - a versatile brass side table doubles as a bar cart for entertaining

miniature lemon trees add fragrance, decor and life to your kitchen or breakfast room

simple and beautiful decorating ideas

Ever the utilitarian decorator, I hung platters that can be easily removed when needed and a miniature lemon tree that gives the room a little life and fragrance while supplying us with juicy Meyer lemons {in 6 months}. This little lemon tree is teaching me that all good things are worth waiting for.

beautiful breakfast room and kitchen decorating ideas

Of course I put it in a basket.

beautiful breakfast nook and kitchen decorating ideas

Well, I’m off to obsess about paint again. Have a beautiful day!

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45 comments on “Our Updated Breakfast Nook”

  1. I love how you collected different chairs for a relaxed look. I would of never thought of that.

  2. Beautiful! I love every detail!

  3. Gorgeous! And I think your cow painting is even better than the inspiration. xo

  4. I love your cow but I think “her” may be a “him”. Lol

  5. I am in love with every detail Julie!! I especially love the table and eclectic chairs

  6. I’m a LITTE LATE, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pop in and tell you how much I adore this space. The new rug and art are JUST FABULOUS! Also, the picture of Bessie and the picture of the chair / table details are on POINT. You got skillz, gurl! 😉

    xo Michael

  7. Love everything! Where is the light pendant from?

  8. I know you mentioned you weren’t crazy about the wall colour, but I love it! Could you please tell me the name of the paint colour?

    • It’s hard to tell – it was mixed wrong. It should’ve been the color of our mudroom, but is significantly more yellow. I’d share, but I’d hate for it to come out “right” and then you’d be disappointed.

  9. I love the cow paintings. Where did you find them?

  10. I actually love the paint color! Would you mind sharing what it is?

  11. I love your trestle table! Is it antique or did it come from restoration hardware?

    • Restoration Hardware – I desperately wanted an antique table and found most were only 2′ wide. Thank you, Catherine! Have a beautiful Fourth of July weekend.

  12. Beautiful room! I loved the rug and its exactly what I was looking for my living room. I ordered a swatch of this rug from ballard designs. I loved the plush quality but the colors look more on the brown side rather than orange. Could you please tell me if the base color is orange or brown? Also the center medallion color is deep navy blue or black? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I would consider it dark navy and muted orange – I’m still in love with it! The kids’ crumbs blend right in until I can vacuum them. I hope that helps!

  13. This is absolutely lovely. 🙂 Really like what you did with the breakfast nook, the whole place looks friendly and elegant.

  14. Please send me an invitation to join your blog. Indismiss d the sign-up too quickly. Thanks so much.

  15. Dear Julie: You have a picture of a bull or even two, he would be very aggravated if he knew you called him a cow. A cow has an udder and a bull has a penis, they are not identical at all. I enjoy your blog very much, Mary

    • Ha! Ballard calls it Mango the Cow. In all the years I spent on a farm and in the country, I have always called them cows, but you’re right…I’m embarrassing the poor thing! Is it wrong to wish it was a female since it’s in our breakfast room?

  16. I too actually love the paint color. I have been looking at wall colors as I am getting ready to update and repaint my walls and I love this color. Would you mind sharing it?

  17. Lovely & warm without being cluttered or too busy – very restful. Nice job.

  18. Hi Julie, I just discovered your blog and I just spent hours binge surfing! Lol! I adore your style! Would you mind sharing where you purchased your breakfast nook lantern? It’s lovely! Thanks!

  19. Hi Julie,

    Hope you are well. I always enjoy reading your blog!

    I am painting the ceiling of my living room white and I have white semigloss crown molding. The contractor is telling me I should paint the crown molding white in High gloss finish. Which one looks more elegant. What are your thoughts? Thank you!

    • It’s definitely a personal preference. I tend to prefer going a little more understated, just doing a sheen above what I use on the walls. For example, with eggshell walls, I do satin trim, or go yet another step above to semi-gloss. I like high gloss in other’s homes, it’s just not for me, personally. Peruse Pinterest/Houzz to see which you’re more drawn to.

  20. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thanks so much!

    I will go with Semi-gloss instead of High gloss.


  21. I would love the cow artwork in my dining space. Where do you find these pieces?

  22. Did you find chairs that matched that well or did you stain them all to be about the same color? It’s incredible how they’re all different but so cohesive! I’m on a mission to get this look in our dining nook now!

    • The color is off a little, but I feel it just warms the space up. The table is natural and the chairs are walnut, both from Restoration. We could decide on a chair style we preferred, so we purchased several on clearance at the outlet instead.

  23. I love that room! Perfect!

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