If you’re looking for a sophisticated, warm off white color, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee might be the one for you!

Warm, welcoming, and yet still light and bright, this color is popular for a reason! Learn how this color could work in your home with all the details and specifics.

See Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in the freshly painted basement of our home, as well as our brick tudor exterior!

A freshly painted basement with LRV floors and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee paint color on the walls
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For years I have been integrating warm white and cream paint colors into our home, and advising readers on how to do the same. They’re warm and cozy without feeling yellow. Swiss Coffee is among my favorites for so many reasons!

We chose Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (OC-45) for our recent basement remodel because like my favorite Soft Chamois, it’s soft and creamy, but not yellow. It also has a high LRV (light reflective value) which is perfect for spaces without a lot of natural light.

In fact, we loved it so much there, that we also chose it for the exterior paint on our vintage brick tudor. We’re sharing images of both today!

A large, white two-story house painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, with a gabled roof, surrounded by green lawn and trees.
Our brick tudor, painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, with Benjamin Moore Pale Oak on the trim.

Swiss Coffee is a versatile paint color that works well with or without natural light. It will make any space feel light and inviting. It’s tranquil and serene.

A graphic featuring swiss coffee paint

Unlike most websites, I have personal experience with the paint colors I highlight and actual photographs to share that are a true reflection of the color. I love to share my own original photography and snapshots from people I have worked directly with.

In this case, I’ve also included a few photos from Studio McGee, because it felt relevant. It’s one of their favorite warm white colors and we all draw so much inspiration from them!

A warm white kitchen painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee paint color, with a gold lantern above the island.
Image via Studio McGee – walls are Swiss Coffee at 75% and cabinets are BM Creamy White (matte)

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Because I love sharing our home, DIY projects and choices with you, I know how difficult paint decisions can be.

Yes, choosing a “white paint color” seems easy at first, until you go to your local paint store and realize there are hundreds, if not thousands of options.

While Swiss Coffee is certainly not a true, authentic white color, it is a warm, creamy beige tone that we love in our home. I hope you enjoy these photos and examples of how the paint truly feels.

A kitchen with a Swiss coffee-colored refrigerator.
Our basement bar, with walls painted in BM Swiss Coffee and cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the undertones in Swiss coffee?

Swiss Coffee is a paint color with a little touch of yellow and ever-so-slightly green undertones.

Does Swiss coffee go with gray?

Yes, it can! In fact, Benjamin Moore suggests pairing Swiss Coffee Paint Color with Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60 and Nickel 2119-50.

Is Swiss coffee a warm or cool paint color?

Swiss coffee paint color is a warm, creamy color that can actually be classified as more of a beige.

bedroom with vaulted ceilings painted in benjamin moore swiss coffee
Image via Studio McGee – walls are Swiss Coffee at 75% and ceilings are painted BM Natural Cream in a flat finish

Swiss Coffee 81.91 LRV

LRV, (Light Reflectance Value) is a scale used by design professionals. Basically, 0 = the darkest black and 100 is a true white paint color.

Swiss Coffee paint color has an LRV of 81.91, which is considered high.

Swiss Coffee has a high LRV (light reflective value) which is the percentage of light it reflects. It reflects nearly 82% of light, making spaces appear lighter and brighter.

A stairwell painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.


The undertones in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee are more of a golden yellow tone. This can read differently in different light, so be sure to test a swatch on your walls.

When contrasted against a truer white trim, the yellow undertone can be more pronounced, so be aware of this when you’re sampling.

Trim Color to Pair With It

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee works well with Benjamin Moore White Dove and Benjamin Moore Cloud White as trim.

You can also try it in a tone on tone method, which is Painting Trim and Walls the Same Color. This can actually help to tone down any undertones in the paint, because the comparison of a clear white to a cream is so much stronger.

I am actually a fan of simply using an un-tinted white paint throughout many rooms of our home. It’s always a fresh, clean white that contrasts beautifully with my cream paint colors and it keeps me from overthinking my choices!

Read more about The Best Trim Paint and Painting Trim White.

A warm white entryway with a curved staircase, painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.
Image via Studio McGee. All walls are BM Swiss Coffee at 75% in matte and the same color is used in satin for all trim / baseboards. 

Colors to Pair It With

It pairs beautifully with an array of colors including Revere Pewter, Senora Gray, Nickel, and Nightfall. You can also easily pair it with other off whites.

Where to Use this Color

  • Exterior
  • Traditional and Cottage style homes
  • Cabinetry
  • Trim

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Exterior

This is a beautiful exterior color, too. Here are a couple great examples – and we loved it so much, we painted our home that color, too!

It’s interesting to see the difference that lighting makes with this color. In some bright lighting, our house feels quite white. Other times of day, it’s very much a soft creamy color.

A front entrance of a house with a Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee exterior, wooden door, and two potted plants.
Our brick tudor, painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, with Benjamin Moore Pale Oak on the trim.
A spacious two-story house with a Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee exterior, manicured lawn, and driveway, captured on a sunny day.
Our brick tudor, painted in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, with Benjamin Moore Pale Oak on the trim.


  • For a little less color, dilute! Mix at 75%. This seems to especially be a great solution if it’s reading a touch to yellow on your walls.
  • Have it made at Benjamin Moore for best results. Every paint company uses a different formula which can make a color read different. For example, having it made at Sherwin Williams could potentially make it feel too green or yellow.
  • Test two coats. So often readers panic when they have applied a single coat. Unfortunately your original paint color will show and it tends to alter the color.
A freshly painted basement with LRV floors and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee paint color on the walls
A marble countertop with paint swatches and small cans of open cream paint colors.

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  1. Your basement walls and wainscotting look lovely…..did you use Swiss Coffee at 75% or did you use it full strength? It looks creamier and deeper than the Studio McGee photos but it could be the lighting as well. I’m looking for a color to replace Timid White which is reading too yellow so I saw your advice about cutting the color down a little

    1. We used full strength. We actually just painted our exterior in it, too!
      If you’re trying to cut down the yellow, I’d definitely dilute. It is creamy in color.

      1. Swiss coffee is our exterior paint choice. I am debating sampling it at 75% before finalizing. Since you used it as your exterior too, what color gutters do you have? Would Swiss coffee full strength look dingy with a white gutter?

        1. We have white in the back and copper in the front. Honestly, looks great! I’ll be sharing photos soon.

  2. Your post is very helpful. We are painting the interior of our home. Haven’t decided yet on colors, but are considering a few. Would Swiss Coffee work as trim with any of these colors – very pale yellow (Man on the Moon), French Vanilla, or Sherwood Green

  3. Loving all of your creamy paint posts as I currently navigate choices for my home! I just thought it important to note a few important points about your photos referencing Studio McGee. They used BM Swiss Coffee at 75% in matte(same color only in Satin for their trim/baseboards) on all the walls of their home and in their kitchen, the cabinets are actually BM Creamy White (matte) w/Swiss Coffee 75% walls. The bedroom ceiling is BM Natural Cream in flat paint & walls Swiss Coffee at 75%. Just thought important to note as readers aren’t seeing exactly what you describe here. Hope that helps,

        1. Hi Kathy!
          The paint store will know exactly what this means – it’s simply this same color formula, diluted just a touch with more base paint.
          Hope that helps!

      1. I have been to two different benjamin moore paint stores and they both told me there is no way to dilute it to 75 percent. I would love to try it diluted but they are telling me that based on the formula it isn’t possible.

        1. Hi Nicole,
          We have never personally asked for Swiss Coffee at 75%, but lots of designers (including Shae McGee) swear by it, and it’s always indicated as 75% on her images. There has to be a way, right? Now I’m curious to learn more. Keep me updated if you ever get it figured out!
          Have a great weekend,

    1. Kitchen- the base cabinets appear to be a slightly darker color than the upper cabinets. I like the look but maybe it’s all one color and not two based on your comment.

  4. My kitchen cabinets are Swiss Coffee. I want light walls. I am considering City Loft. Would it be bad to do walls in the Swiss coffee.

      1. Are the cabinets in the Studio McGee photo reference the same color? They appear to be a two-tone for the upper and lowers. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated! I’m in the process of picking paint colors for our new build.

        1. Hi Jessica!
          In that McGee kitchen, I believe it’s the walls that are Swiss Coffee and the cabinets are Creamy. Not sure about whether or not the lowers are a different color- sorry about that!
          Good luck with your build, so exciting!

        2. I recall a post in which they said the upper cabinets were Swiss coffee at 75% like the walls. Only the bottom cabinets were creamy white. It was a two tone cabinet coloration.