Sherwin Williams Creamy

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Sherwin Williams Creamy, a soft and subtle cream paint color.

white furniture paint color

For those of you who follow along, you know how passionate I am about finding the right white for every room. But I also love pretty white furniture! Finding the right white can be difficult, so I’m breaking them all down for you here!

Years ago, I requested a Pottery Barn Kids white furniture sample to have it color matched at Sherwin Williams. It has always felt like the perfect white furniture paint, even though we couldn’t afford the large pieces.

It turned out there was no need, there was nearly an identical match which would become one of my favorite cream color paints!

girls bedroom inspired by the dance of the sugar plum fairy from nutcracker

We have painted so many vintage furniture pieces with Sherwin Williams Creamy through the years including Adalyn and Ani’s beds, Adalyn’s dresser, Ani’s desk and so much more!

It’s a soft, warm white that is classic, but not stark. Below I’m breaking down everything you need to know about 7012 Creamy!

girls bedroom inspired by the dance of the sugar plum fairy from nutcracker

Sherwin Williams Creamy Undertones:

  • a touch of yellow

Styles Sherwin Williams Creamy Fits:

  • traditional
  • country
  • modern

How to Use Sherwin Williams Creamy:

One frequently asked question is “Does Sherwin Williams Creamy look yellow?” No, it’s a warm white. Not dirty, not yellow, not blue. A great in between for any lighting situation!

You can find all of our paint colors here and keep track of all of yours here. If you use any of them, please return to share your thoughts!

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