10 Ways to Get Organized by Summer

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  • 10 ways to get organized

    As exciting as it is, summer is quickly approaching and I feel completely unprepared to fall out of routine. I look forward to spending days at the pool, exploring our city and outlying areas, vacationing and just plain relaxing, but first, it’s time to prepare. It’s time to get organized. We’ve been spending the past year working on problem areas of hour home to add a little more function and ease to our days. 

    “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” – Albert Einstein

    “The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.” – Marie Kondo

    “I knew then that the fewer items I was acquiring, dusting, packing, moving, and lugging around in life would free up my energy and time to create…” – Dorothy Breininger

    “Clutter in your home clutters your life and mind.” (Yours truly)

     10 Ways to Get Organized by Summer

    1. Install hooks. Hooks are a simple way to hang coats, bags, bathrobes and towels. Use them thoughtfully and they can offer storage in an otherwise empty wall.

    Tips to get organized and maximize space and function

    Easy ideas to get organized and maximize space

    2. Incorporate baskets into your decor. Baskets are my go to for organizing our home. We’ve used them in our bookcases, closets, as end tables, for shoes in mudroom, for wrapping paper, and in the girls’ rooms for toys and stuffed animals. The uses are endless!simple spring and summer bookshelf decorating ideas

    easy spring decorating ideas How to organize a linen closetorganize-wrapping-paper

    3. Use labels. Labels not only help you decipher what should go where, someone else unfamiliar to find exactly what they’re seeking {husbands, anyone?}.

    How to organize a hall linen closet

    4. Use storage systems. It’s not the prettiest, but can often be the easiest storage solution, especially for the garage. We’re only 1/3 of the way done and it’s already made a significant difference, especially for the girls’ toys.

    Organize your running gear with an outdoor closet | garage storage and organization

    5. Rethink old pieces and everyday things. I’m not sure what this copper and brass piece was originally, but when I found it in an antique mall, I fell in love {especially for just $10} and utilized it as an umbrella holder. A tension rod is an excellent keep ribbon organized.

    easy fall decorating ideas

    6. Purchase versatile furniture that is intended for storage. While it’s not my favorite piece of furniture, our coffee table and former end table work harder than most. In our house it’s known as “the library”. It stores the majority of the girls’ books. 

    neutral family room decor

    7. Use your cabinets wisely. We took a previously underutilized cabinet and turned it into a bar cabinet.

    Get organized - convert a cabinet into an at home bar

    8. Repurpose old furniture. We used an old 3 drawer chest to store hats, sunscreen and keys in the mudroom, an old trunk doubles as storage of my family heirlooms in our bedroom and my heirloom wardrobe serves as a linen cabinet for the main level.

    Easy mudroom storage and organization ideas

    living room organization ideas - how to organize linens

    9. Install closet systems. They have really helped us organize our former closet and our current. Chris and Adalyn reworked hers and she loves keeping them organized.

    kids closet organization and storage


    10. Don’t purchase organizers until you assess your needs. When you do, make them pretty…they’ll inspire you to declutter and to open your drawers and get to work.

    Tips to organize your home office, schedule and priorities

    I am so excited to get organized before summer so that we can spend more time enjoying what truly matters – each other. Let’s do this! You can shop all of my favorite organization items on Amazon!

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