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Pretty Little Lanterns | New Hall Lights

traditional home hall lights | brass lanterns

I cannot tell you how good it feels to cross projects off the list, but I’m even more elated that completing this project means we’re down to just one boob light. When my girlfriends first came over to see our new home, one mentioned that I had a lot of boob lights. You know, those pleasantly plump round lights with the awkward accent that builders and flippers alike love to use because they’re just $10? Well, we had several and another one bites the dust. Well, two! Once Alicia mentioned it to me, that’s all I could think about each time I glanced at one of the lights. My apologies if you have some as well and can’t eliminate the imagery from your mind. See below if you need confirmation.

Beautiful hall decorating ideas filled with tips from design blogger Julie Blanner

hall lighting | beautiful brass lanterns

beautiful hall with brass lanterns

As I mentioned earlier this year I’m often guilty of starting projects I don’t complete or setting them aside because of some silly task that feels like too much effort to complete. I had planned on purchasing these brass lanterns nearly two years ago, but it required taking a step stool upstairs to measure the ceiling and insure that there would be enough clearance. Last fall I finally ordered them and when they arrived last week, I promptly pleaded with Chris to install. I felt free of the boobs that had been taunting me.

hall lighting | beautiful brass lanterns

brass lanterns hall lights

The brass lanterns are simple, understated and offer just the right amount of light to complete the hall. Now if those popcorn ceilings could just magically disappear as well! {you can find the lanterns here}

traditional hall with brass lanterns

What project are you excited to cross off your list?


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17 comments on “Pretty Little Lanterns | New Hall Lights”

  1. These are such pretty lanterns! I still have two boob lights in my upstairs hallway that you can see from the foyer and they drive me crazy!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. When I saw your blog awhile ago if the beautiful hallway I immediately thought – if only those “mushroom” lights were replaced it would make a huge difference! I thought about commenting but people get funny about criticism! Well anyway – boom!!! It looks beautiful – love the new lights! Great job

    • Too funny! I don’t just want to share before and afters because there’s so much effort that goes into a home and I don’t want it to be deceiving to readers, not to mention my life isn’t before and afters – we’re always a work in progress. At the time we did the hall I wanted to do the lanterns but we just didn’t have the budget and of course there was a little hick up of getting around to measuring when I finally did.
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and always appreciate feedback! I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful weekend!

  3. I once replaced a plastic pink “crystal” chandelier in a hallway with a boob light, and it was actually a MAJOR improvement. But I do agree with you that they’re far too ubiquitous. These are gorgeous.

  4. I love them! What a cute look.

  5. I love these lights! They really change this hallway for the better. Currently searching for a cool period-appropriate but updated exterior pendant for our front porch! There’s a very boring semi-flush fixture there now that’s doing nothing for the porch.

  6. Ha! Love that my name was auto-incorrected on my original comment lol

  7. Gorgeous! I definitely would like to update all of the lighting futures in our bedrooms.

  8. Hallway envy! It’s so lovely. What color is on the walls?

  9. Julie! You and my husband with your boob lights! When we moved into our 1953 mid-century ranch, he went on a wild crusade to rid this house of every (18), yes, eighteen boob lights. In some instances, the wiring would not accomodate the type of light fixture he had selected. Upon finding that, he then found himself with a full-blown project; it was during these times that his affectionate “boob light” term would become a bit more indelicate and I would cringe. Suffice to say, he has done a fabulous job with the lighting in our home (he has great taste) and there are only 2 boobs to go!

    • Oh no! I always update lighting because it’s usually a simple fix. I’m sure his efforts have made a your home feel more like “you” and added a lot of style.

  10. Huge difference without the boob light in the hallway! Looks great.

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