Coastal Modern Home Decor

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Coastal Modern design is easy and fun to achieve with this descriptive guide. You’ll find beautiful coastal home decor to add to your home to create a serene coastal feeling.

The casual and relaxing atmosphere that draws us to the soothing sandy beach and salt-filled air reminds us to slow down and enjoy life. This clean, fresh and peaceful way of life translates beautifully into a simple and lovely home decor style.

collection of coastal modern home decor

Coastal design is light, airy and relaxed. It embraces the calming colors of the ocean and beach, with nods to coastal elements like rope, anchors and seashells. It’s easy and fun to find items that work into modern coastal design, which is why editing is of the essence – to prevent it from feeling kitchsy. A little hint goes a long way.

The modern aspect of Modern Coastal means that it needs to be kept simple and functional. Some decor you use can be very coastal in nature, and some items can just allude to the coastal feeling. By choosing items intentionally, you can create a subtle and serene atmosphere in your coastal-inspired space.

Whether you have a coastal home or want to achieve a vacation vibe at home, these decorating ideas will get you started. Even if you want to start small and just decorate your outdoor space, a bathroom, or a bedroom in your home, you’ll love the results.

Set the foundation with an off white paint color reminiscent of soft, sandy beaches. Layer metals to allude to the metal found on ships, like warm brass or chrome. An abundance of texture is key in modern coastal design, including grasscloth, woven baskets, benches and headboards. Top it off with throw pillows, art and accents!

Coastal Modern Home Decor

I’ve compiled a list of items for a Modern Coastal home style, all available on Amazon at affordable prices!


Don’t these wallpapers look so fun? I love the deep blue color that actually serves as a neutral in coastal design. These wallpapers are perfect for covering a whole wall, or you could cut a small section and frame it to use as artwork.

navy sailboat wallpaper

Sailboat Peel and Stick Wallpaper

wave wallpaper

Waves Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Lighting contributes instantly to the style of a home. With modern coastal design, light fixtures that are reminiscent of the hardware on boats works perfectly. These fixtures have a classic nautical design that subtly hints at a coastal theme.

gold double nautical sconce

Gold Wall Sconce

nautical sconce

Brushed Nickel Nautical Wall Sconce


Outdoor spaces are naturally suitable for coastal modern decor. The nautical stripe with navy and white is always in style for umbrellas and chairs. Natural fibers in umbrellas, furniture, and rugs contribute to the coastal vibe as well.

And don’t forget the lights. Stringed lights add instant charm to any evening gathering, mirroring the stars in the night sky that guided mariners over the ocean. Lights create a special mood and turn any evening into a magical evening.

navy stripe tassel umbrella

Stripe and Tassel Patio Umbrella

tiki patio umbrella

Tiki Umbrella

sling chair and folding stool

Bamboo Sling Chair

natural outdoor rug

Outdoor Rug

coastal modern bistro lights chairs and table

Bistro Lights

Baskets and Trays

Seashells, sea glass, plants, blankets, and other decorative items need to be contained. Don’t underestimate the power of natural fibers in bringing the modern coastal feel to your home. I like my baskets and trays to serve a purpose as well as look nice.

rattan nesting trays

Rattan Nesting Trays

whitewashed rattan hamper

Rattan Hamper


Adding metallic items really helps to ground a space and to tie all of the elements together. These small tables work great because they’re not chunky and heavy, but rather, light and open so the space around them feels airy – just like the open spaces at the beach!

navy and brass side table

Navy and Brass Side Table

gold end table

Gold Side Table

white and gold coffee table

White and Gold Coffee Table


And these are just fun! Without much effort, you can install these hooks that will blend into your modern coastal theme, while being mini statement pieces at the same time!

Boat Cleats


I love finding perfect accent pieces. These are the pieces that bring your whole modern coastal theme to life.

rope door stop

Rope Door Stop



Art and Mirrors

Choose art that inspires you and reminds you to slow down. I love using organic shapes like the circle of the mirror that hints at the portholes on boats.

rattan mirror

Rattan Mirror


Useful and necessary items can easily be incorporated into your coastal modern decor. Look for those natural elements and calming colors!

woven bag with leather handles

Market Basket

white turkish towels

Turkish Beach / Bath Towels

blue and white stripe towel

Striped Beach Towel

white and navy wallpapered bathroom with tassel shower curtain

Tassel Shower Curtain

Once you’ve committed to pursuing a Coastal Modern design, you’ll be amazed at all of the items you’ll notice that would work perfectly in your home.

Remember, though, to set the mood with your sand and sea colors, metallic finishes, and natural weaves (like this Rattan Bed) and then sparingly add the final touches. And then sit back and enjoy the coastal vibe in your own home!

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