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Classic Kitchen: Kitchen Catch Up

Tips on renovating a kitchen

I’ll be honest, this kitchen is a little more stress than I anticipated. I thought I had it all together with a clear vision of what I wanted, but when you can’t get that through to your contractors and carpenter, it doesn’t really matter. 

I’m excited to share my working board with you today! When I get stressed, I find peace in seeing how it will all come together. 

a traditional kitchen with french twists

If you’ve been following along you know that the centerpiece of the kitchen will be our Lacanche range. I hope you don’t tire hearing about it because I’m like a child waiting for the ice cream truck with anticipation and excitement. 

When we decided to move forward with our carpenter/cabinet maker, he wanted to get started the next day to keep his guys busy. We knew what we wanted, so we moved forward without hesitation and he said that we could decide the cabinet door styles in a few weeks. I was really conflicted between having a little more detail {see my original inspiration photo above left} and doing an inset shaker style cabinet. I followed up with him earlier this week to see when he would be by with the door samples to see. To my surprised, he was done with the doors. We debated having him redo them, but ultimately decided it is probably a happy mistake because I can’t stop drooling over DeVol Kitchen’s shaker style cabinets and they are simple, timeless, don’t compete with the range and pair well with the doors throughout our home. Deep breaths.

Rather than having a traditional toe kick, we’re having furniture trim at the base of the cabinets which offers a polished look. At the advice of our carpenter, we’ll still have a toe kick at the sink.

The wood floors {as seen above} will be repaired to compensate for a ever so slightly different footprint. 

After considerable thought, we have decided to have both the cabinet and island countertops in marble. As much as I would love a wood on wood furniture style island, I have 3 little girls that live for creating works of art. I have seen what happens to the breakfast room table even with a painter’s drop cloth and can’t let them wreak havoc on wood as well.

The island however will be wood! I wanted a little contrast in the kitchen and with encouragement from a friend decided the island is the best place for it so that I don’t have to worry about cleaning footprints and handprints off the island daily. Now I just have to find a stain to give me the look I’m hoping to achieve, which is much easier said than done. I have 15 samples strung throughout the kitchen as I write!

I am told that our apron front sink is nestled beautiful into it’s cabinet at the workshop and can’t wait to meet the unlacquered brass bridge faucet we purchased. It wasn’t exactly the Barber Wilson’s faucet I had hoped for, but it was almost a third of the cost and has a sprayer, which I know Chris will appreciate. I have to give him something every now and then, especially if I want help doing the dishes, right?

You see that pretty cabinet? It’s actually a refrigerator. Our cabinet maker is working to make ours appear similar, though with heavier molding to compensate for the different style of refrigerator. We ordered a built in refrigerator and it will float on the wall where our kitchen desk currently resides. It will be painted the same cream as the cabinets and walls. I envision placing beautiful baskets on top!

Finally, hardware! I wanted to stay with pulls like we had in our previous and current kitchen, but in unlacquered brass so that they can age over time. We’re also incorporating a few cabinet latches and knobs. 

I’m hoping that we have gotten our hiccups out of the way early, but I’m sure there are more to come. Any advice for a nervous type A personality like me? Send prayers, good vibes, wine or all of the above, please!

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