Get the details on our modern teak table in our little eat-in kitchen space. Teak dining tables can be so much more than traditional outdoor furniture!

We love teak for its ability to weather the storm (quite literally). It’s resistant to weather, which makes it perfect for a family-friendly dining table in our lake cottage kitchen.

Learn more about why we love our teak dining table, how to care for teak, and where to buy your own!

A teak dining table with white chairs and a vase of flowers.
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One of the things we fell in love with when searching for our lake cottage, was the open floor plan. It is small, but more than sufficient, even when entertaining.

When we purchased our home the kitchen and eat in kitchen were wallpapered, while the adjacent living room was not. To make it feel like one continuous space, we removed the wallpaper.

We knew we wanted a coastal look with Serena and Lily style – see our guide to get the Serena and Lily Look for Less here. That meant soft wood tones, like our white oak flooring, as well as touches of blue and white throughout the home.

See our full modern lake house before and after, and more of this Coastal Modern Living Room here! We’ve got some fabulous teak outdoor furniture you can’t miss, as well.

A chandelier hanging from a ceiling over a teak table adorned with flowers.

Teak Dining Tables

Our lake cottage has one eating area, which works perfectly for us in such a casual setting. Our family loves gathering near the kitchen at all times, but when we’re at the lake it’s especially evident.

Swimming makes those little girls so hungry! This home wasn’t blessed with a kitchen island or a breakfast bar, so we needed the right table that would work hard for us.

I was so glad to find this gorgeous, modern teak dining table because it fit our needs and aesthetic perfectly.

A teak dining table with white chairs and a vase of flowers.
I love our cute brass dining bell tucked into the corner of this space. Learn more about brass bells here!

It seats six for everyday use (we don’t have chairs at the end of the table every day, in order to accommodate laundry in the nearby closet).  However, when needed, it can comfortably seat eight. 

For a little contrast, we paired our table with white dining chairs. The high backs offer a lot of comfort so we don’t feel rushed to leave the table.

As you know, I love mixing high and low and this is no exception. Paired with the teak dining table, they make the kitchen feel classic but modern.

A small dining room table with white chairs and a vase of flowers.

What is Teak?

You might be asking yourself a few questions. “Why choose a teak table?” and “Isn’t teak meant to be used outdoors?”. Well, there are several reasons that I made this choice for this dining space!

Teak has long been a popular choice for outdoor spaces because it’s such a dense hardwood, making it naturally waterproof. This wood is grown in various locations like Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Teak is a hard-working wood. While it does need some maintenance, it can be renewed and refreshed over time, retaining the soft, light color we love.

Much like our Danby Marble and unlacquered brass hardware that we love so much, it does show a little weathering. I have come to realize that this is something I love in our homes – I want them to look lived in and feel loved.

Touches of wear and tear (call them antique-ing if you’d like to feel fancier) can help a home feel warm and cozy, in my humble opinion! Luckily, we get to decide if we love our teak table that way, or if we’d like to refresh it a bit over time. Keep reading to learn how!

A white vase with flowers on a teak dining table.

Pros and Cons of Teak Tables

Generally speaking, teak tables are structurally sound, simply because teak is such a strong, durable wood. I can’t get over the quality of the wood and the craftsmanship.

This table is used for so much more than meals, so we needed to make a choice that was durable and long-lasting!


  • Fine Grain – Teak wood is finely grained, with tight, straight lines.
  • Moisture Resistant – The natural oils in teak create an incredible moisture barrier.
  • Modern Style – Teak lends itself to clean, beautiful lines, indoors or out!
  • Soft Color – Raw teak is such a soft, pale wood color! Isn’t it the prettiest pale, smooth tone?
  • Long-Lasting – This table will serve our needs for years to come. Investing in a quality teak dining table is a long-term commitment we were happy to make, regardless of our kitchen layout. We know it will last us a lifetime with a little care. 
  • Vacation Vibes – Teak evokes a relaxing, resort-like feel, which is exactly how I want our home to feel.
A teak table with white chairs and a vase of flowers.


  • Cost – Often, genuine teak tables are a higher-end price point than other woods.
  • More Difficult to Obtain – Teak is less available than many other wood species. It’s considered a declining resource, so that can make the price even higher.
  • Sealing, Oiling and Maintenance – Many teak tables need to be sealed and oiled periodically to maintain their soft color and sheen. Read more below.
A teak dining table with white chairs and a white chandelier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teak better than acacia?

If you’re considering a teak dining table for your outdoor patio, know that the investment is worthwhile. Teak wood is known to last much longer than acacia, so although it’s more expensive, it’s a long-term investment that will pay for itself over time.

How long does teak furniture last?

Teak furniture is generally expected to last 50-100 years when it’s facing the elements outdoors. An indoor teak dining table should of course last much longer with proper maintenance and care.

Forks and knives laid out on a teak table.

Teak Furniture Care and Maintenance

I am of the opinion that teak furniture is beautiful as it ages outdoors. I love that it takes on that gray, weathered look because it reminds me of charming faded beach cottages.

However, maintaining the naturally pale golden color of teak is possible, especially if you’re using your teak dining table indoors.

*Keep in mind that some indoor teak dining tables are already protected with various coatings.

  • Simply use a soft cloth to wipe teak oil onto your teak dining table periodically. Many people do this yearly, but you can oil your teak furniture as often as you’d like! 
  • We used a flat matte topcoat product to provide protection since our table already had a coating, and therefore teak oil couldn’t be used. It maintained the matte appearance. This product is perfect for things like wood doors, tables and more!
A teak dining table with white chairs and plates.


Click any image below to head directly to the source!

A blue striped napkin on a wooden teak table.

What do you think? Would you choose a teak dining table for your home, indoors or out? Have you ever spent far too long searching for the perfect dining table? I’d love to hear from you! 

A teak table with a vase of flowers on it.

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  1. Hi Julie- This is lovely! I love the airy and simple feeling. Please make a post on how you updated the kitchen. I would love to know if you changed the countertops.

    Where did you purchase those napkins? They look so nice!

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you! They were from Serena and Lily, but have been discontinued. I haven’t touched the counters yet – but hopeful to. We ended up having some larger issues to address that were discovered when replacing the deck, so that’s taking precedent.

  2. My husband used to work for a Scandinavian furniture company – we have teak everywhere, lol. I love it. I had a designer come to the house, she looked around and told me…did you know teak was back? I said, ” did it ever leave?”. Your homes are beautiful and I can’t believe how big your children are getting!! Enjoy every moment!!!

    1. That’s hilarious! I find it to be very timeless, too! Thank you, trying to savor summer with them for that very reason. Hope yours is beautiful!

  3. Please read my comment carefully:

    First off your daughters are adorable helpers! Their sweet smiles cheered me up well.
    I love they match the placemats (or napkins, can’t tell.)

    LOVE that table – I was soooo excited a few years back when I found the perfect size for my kitchen (we entertain a lot and have a dining that can be made to sit 10) and this kitchen table sits 6 and a nearby high chair when a little tiny is with us.) We often even have to set up a card table – we have a large family, haha.

    One thing I wanted you to read is something you wrote that I think may be an error cuz I just don’t think it makes sense. I have cut and pasted it here:

    It seats 6 for everyday use to accommodate laundry in the nearby closet.

    Anyway – love your table, you are so lucky to have a cottage near water – have a wonderful weekend and summer around the corner!!

    1. Thank you! I’m pleased with how it lightened up the space! Hope you had a great weekend!