What tools does a professional food blogger use in her kitchen? Below, I share some of my must-have kitchen gadgets and why I love them!

A minimalist kitchen with cream cabinets, marble countertops and a French range.
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I tend to take a less-is-more approach to kitchen gadgets. Even though it’s tempting to buy every corn stripper and mango pitter I see at Williams-Sonoma, I try not to purchase anything I’ll only use occasionally.

Especially items that can do the same job as a good knife or veggie peeler – I just don’t need things that take up more space in our kitchen. 

That said, there are some kitchen gadgets that I’ve found are worth buying. I either use them a few times a week, or they do such a great job, there’s simply nothing else that can be used to replace them.

A minimalist kitchen interior with white cabinets featuring precise shaker cabinet knob placement, marble countertop, two small lamps, and a vase with white hydrangeas.

Best Kitchen Gadgets

I own and use each of the items I’m showcasing today. This is not a “wish I had” shopping guide – this is truly all of my must-haves.

Some are tried and true items we’ve used for many years, and a few are newer discoveries that we’re enjoying. I hope you enjoy them too!

Whisk Wiper

This handy tool pulls all the good stuff right off your whisk – it’s incredible!

A teal kitchen gadgets stand mixer with various mixing attachments displayed alongside it.

Appliance Cord Holder

A cord holder comes in handy for my toaster, stand mixer, and other small appliances that have a permanent home on my kitchen counter.

A cuisinart mini-prep plus kitchen gadget with leafy greens inside.

Mini Food Processor

Just like a regular food processor, but smaller. The smaller size makes this food chopper much more effective for smaller amounts of ingredients, and I use this all the time for meals for our family of five.

Mini chopper appliance
Stainless steel kitchen gadgets on a white background.

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

Such a space-saving way to dry dishes, effortlessly!

Two terracotta diffuser stones with botanical relief designs, perfect as kitchen gadgets.

Brown Sugar Savers

I love these, and they keep your brown sugar so moist – for under $10!

Herb scissors with cleaning comb and blade cover, a kitchen gadget accompanied by chopped herbs.

Herb Scissors

Herb scissors are faster than chopping herbs by hand and you get a finer finish since the blades are so small. I love using my herb scissors for chiffonades of basil, mincing oregano and parsley, and more.

Two golden measuring spoons, essential kitchen gadgets, isolated on a white background.

Scoop + Bag Clip

Such a perfect tool to fasten bags of coffee and loose teas.

Gold-colored garlic press kitchen gadget on a white background.

Garlic Mincer

This handheld tool pushes garlic cloves through tiny holes to finely mince them. Just place the clove in the little compartment and squeeze the handles together. Easy!

Hand placing garlic gloves into garlic press
A pastry being sealed with kitchen gadgets, with a fork and a brush resting on top.

Silicone Brush

This kitchen gadget makes brushing sauce or oil onto food much easier and the bristles are easy to clean since they don’t retain any odors or flavors. And you won’t end up with any stray bristles in your food!

Handheld kitchen gadget, possibly a digital thermometer, with a simple design and two buttons.

Kitchen Mama Can Opener

If you’re tired of dealing with sharp, jagged edges or struggling to crank the handle of your old manual can opener, this one is a life-saver. 

A person is holding a bottle of wine and admiring an Amazon gadget.

Champagne Bottle Stopper

If you enjoy a glass of champagne, you’ll know that it’s hard to store the bottle after it’s opened. These are so handy!

Oven Liners

An oven liner is the easiest way to maintain a clean oven – without chemicals! You simply place, remove to wipe clean as needed and replace in the oven.

Bar cart set up with lemon squeezer, bowl of limes, flower arrangement, and cocktail accessories

Lemon Squeezer

A lemon squeezer is faster than juicing by hand, and the design makes it easier to store in a small kitchen cabinet than a full-size juicer. Some models are even designed to catch any pulp or seeds so you don’t have to strain your juice.

Over-the-sink strainer being used to rinse bunch of green grapes

Over-the-Sink Strainer

Not only does it save time compared to using a colander, but its large, flat surface also allows you to better examine produce while you rinse so you can scrub off any dirt or grit.

Compact electric kitchen gadgets food chopper on a white background.

Rechargeable Garlic Chopper

This rechargeable little chopper is perfect to easily cut, chop, and prepare ingredients.

Stainless steel kitchen gadgets air purifier and its packaging with "purriko" branding.

Refrigerator Deodorizer

In addition to helping control unpleasant smells, this kitchen gadget also keeps the foods in your fridge from absorbing those odors.

Instant read thermometer taking temperature of steak on grill

Instant Read Thermometer

Instant read thermometers are the best way to tell when meats and breads are done. 

Hand utilizing kitchen gadgets to spray oil from a bottle onto a roasted chicken on a plate.

Oil Spritzer

An oil spritzer keeps the amount of fat (and calories) in your dishes low, and it also coats food and cooking surfaces more evenly and consistently.

Honey dipper drizzling honey over appetizer tray

Honey Dipper

It’s a whole lot easier to control the amount of honey you’re using with a honey dipper. You’ll see my honey dipper in use in my Baked Goat Cheese and Honey Appetizer.

Blue silicone kitchen gadgets spatula on a white background.

Potato/Hamburger Masher

A handheld tool designed to mash potatoes, vegetables, and ground beef.

cookie dough scoop

Cookie Dough Scoop

This scoop has a spring-loaded handle designed to help you easily portion out cookie dough without having to use your hands. Press a button and the dough is ejected onto the baking sheet.

Wooden spoon resting on white marble spoon rest set on countertop

Decorative Spoon Rest

This isn’t exactly a kitchen gadget, but I love having a pretty spoon rest in the kitchen. It gives dirty spoons a place to hang out between stirs!

Electric facial cleansing brush with interchangeable head and USB charging cable, perfect for your collection of kitchen gadgets.

Handheld Vacuum

This is so much more than a kitchen gadget – but I do love it for vacuuming out our kitchen drawers. It’s so handy, and often on sale for under $40!


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  1. Julie, I have some version of all of these and they’re great. I’ve had my mini Cuisinart for years. Regarding the garlic mincer/press, I’ve also used mine for little balls of cookie dough to make “hair” for gingerbread people cookies. Both fun and cute!