The Best Marble Cleaner for Countertops

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  • Safe everyday homemade marble cleaner that cuts grease effectively.

    marble cleaner

    Our marble counters have sparked a lot of curiosity. Do they etch, stain, chip, do we really love them, did we seal them, and how do we clean them?

    I’ve answered almost all of your burning questions but saved the simplest for last.

    homemade marble cleaner

    So many factors go into choosing a marble cleaner – will it eliminate oil, food residue, germs, be safe for the marble and most importantly, safe for your family. You know my motto, sometimes simple is simply the best.

    kitchen with marble counters

    We used Mrs. Meyers on danby marble at our previous home and didn’t experience any issues, but I wasn’t convinced a commercial cleaning spray was all that great for marble, either.

    homemade marble cleaner

    There are a number of marble cleaners available. Some leave streaks, some work just fine, but I didn’t find one cleaned any deeper or better than another and to be honest, nothing cleaned better than…

    diy marble cleaner

    diy marble cleaner – the old fashioned way with soap and water.

    Dish soap is gentle, safe, and effective. Given that grease is the only thing that stains sealed danby marble, I love that dish soap cuts through grease.

    how to clean marble

    A tiny drop on a damp cloth or paper towel does the trick, but I began to bottle my own spray for convenience.

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    how to make countertop cleaner

    How to make marble cleaner at home for countertops:

    In a spray bottle, add 1 “squirt” of dish soap and slowly fill with warm water.

    To use this natural marble cleaner, just spray and wipe. No need to rinse! So easy, right? Not only are our marble counters beautiful a year later, I can feel good about it, too.

    Do you do this, too? I can rarely recall when my mom used something other than soap and water to clean our counters.


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