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DIY Winter Mats for Frames

The time has come!  I’m winterizing our home!  Changing out pillow covers and throws and giving our home a sense of warmth and our wall hangings are no exception!  To warm them up a bit, I made winter mats using felt.  I love that felt looks a lot like wool, without the expense.  At just 29 cents a sheet, this was a very inexpensive project!

Using the glass insert of each frame as a guide, I cut the felt to size.

Using a technique I learned in grade school, I gently folded the felt in half and cut a rectangle out {so that the mat would be the same width on all sides} just smaller than the photograph to be framed.

I framed them with the glass, but it didn’t photograph nearly as well.  I love the texture it adds!  I think this would be gorgeous with charcoal felt in our living room!

3 comments on “DIY Winter Mats for Frames”

  1. Great idea. I had to groan at your tip to fold the felt in half,…I honestly don’t know if I would have thought to do that and now it seems so obvious, lol.

  2. Sometimes it’s the simple things that seem to escape us! Happy Thanksgiving!

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