10 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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How to make a small room look bigger, Easy to implement small room ideas that provide maximum impact.

small room ideas

If you’re living in an older home, chances are, you have at least one small room. Older, traditional homes tend to have choppy floor plans aka walls.

You know, the kind you can barely walk into and turn around in? Our home boasts a small living room, a couple of small powder rooms and had a small eat in kitchen prior to reworking it.

small room ideas

These small spaces can still be functional {and beautiful}. Often, they have to be. You can live big with these small room ideas!

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger:

  1. Add light.Light immediately makes a small room feel bigger. Allow light to flow in from a window, add light fixtures {I recommend ambient, task and accent lighting to maximize light and give the illusion of space}. how to make a small room look bigger
  2. Paint your walls in a light color, in a sheen that reflects light such as eggshell or satin {just not flat}. You can find all of my favorite paint colors, see them in various lighting situations and learn which trim color to pair them with here.neutral family room decor
  3. Maximize Storage and Function. Remove a cabinet or closet door to make a small room appear bigger, more accessible and therefore a little more open. Make your closets and extension of space by “finishing” them like this linen closet. Adding a window bench seat to create a reading nook, converting a cabinet into a working bar and implementing peg rail or hook storage are all easy ideas to blend storage and function without consuming a lot of space.garage storage ideas | organizing cleaning supplies
  4. Add a mirror. A mirror instantly makes a room look larger because it reflects both light and space. See how function and home design come together in this beautiful powder room
  5. Use wide horizontal lines. They make the eye continue horizontally, which gives the illusion of a more significant space. You can read more about these walls and my small powder room heresmall room ideas
  6. Draw the eye to the ceiling. There are a number of easy ways to do this – adding ceiling detail like crown molding, hanging curtains {hint, ceiling to floor is best}, using a tall, narrow mirror and painting the ceilings are just a few ways I love. how to make a small room look bigger
  7. Think minimally and clutter free. Decorating a small space minimally makes it feel larger. You can learn more about minimalist design here. how to embrace a minimalist lifestyle
  8. Leave a smaller footprint. Whether with furniture or fixtures, a smaller footprint makes a big difference. In a powder room, a smaller toilet and a pedestal sink allow you to see more of the walls and floors, again making it feel more open. Use furniture with legs and forgo bed skirts to create extra space. Select pieces with feet versus those that have fabric to the floor. How to add character, light and function to your home use rug to define space
  9. Use rugs to define the space. Did you know that using a small rug can actually make a room look smaller? Use this guide to find the best rug size for your space. You can shop my favorite rugs here.
    rug that is easy to clean
  10. Continuous flooring. Having one continuous floor material throughout your home connects the spaces, allowing your eye to continue. Our home initially had laminate, carpet and tile on the main level, alternating from one room to another, breaking them up. Replacing them with wood immediately made it feel more spacious. white and wood stairs

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10 easy ways to make a small room look bigger

Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts on making a small room look bigger!

Originally published February 26, 2016. Updated 2018.