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Winters in Missouri offer very little sunshine. While I am thankful for seasons as winter helps me appreciate spring, summer and fall, grey skies, bare trees and brown grass start to feel depressing.

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After a lot of rain, we get to experience the joy of seeing tiny buds on branches. New life, new hope, new beginnings.

cherry blossom branches

While trees bloom for such a short time, it truly is glorious to see them come to life, so we planted several blooming trees to offer the first pops of color.

cherry blossom branch

This year spring is late to the party, so I did what any desperate Missouri girl would do – purchased fresh cherry blossom branches. Over a week later and I’m still enjoying them!

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The moment I placed them in the vase, they brought our family room to life as if they were always meant to be there.

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I love cherry blossom branches because not only do they had color to a room, but height! I luse branches in the entryway {usually in my antique brass bucket} and coffee table in the family room as a focal point. They’re absolutely effortless, no arranging required!

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Where to buy cherry blossom branches:

If you’re lucky, you’ll find them on your tree, but you can often find cherry blossom branches this time of year at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or contact your local florist.

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If fresh is not an option for you, you can find beautiful silk cherry blossom branches in stores. These are a few of my favorites:

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You can also make your own cherry blossom branch with this tutorial.

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The best news? You can plant a cherry blossom branch! Yes, you can propagate them to grow more cherry blossom trees. Learn how to propagate a cherry blossom tree here.

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Are cherry trees blooming in your area yet?