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Framed Recipes Kitchen Art | Family Gift Idea

frame family recipes for beautiful kitchen art
Our original goal was to have our home completed before the holidays so that we could relax and enjoy the season without interference. Sometimes the best intentions just don’t quite come to fruition. A delay on doors, which delays painting, which delays a bathroom installation, etc. Since it doesn’t appear that is going to happen I at least wanted to start warming up her home by filling the walls with things we love to make our house feel like home for the holidays. The holidays bring such a feeling of intimacy and I like that to reflect in our home. We often spend more time indoors, cozied up, visiting with family and friends. It’s amazing how much more complete it feels with the addition of a few new pieces.

frame recipes from family for instant kitchen art

I procrastinated projects that I had in mind for years because I know that adding art with meaning can be time consuming. I wanted to add hints of nostalgia, without a lot of effort. I finally decided to grant myself some grace and have Framebridge do all of the work for me. I saved myself hours of stress, trips back and forth to craft stores and was able to get 9 pieces of art made in an hour with minimal effort. I mailed in mementos and pieces that I wanted framed and uploaded some of my favorite photos of places we vacationed and a little home that was on my grandparents’ farm {coming soon}. Within a couple weeks I had nine pieces that were beautifully framed and ready to hang.

frame recipes for instant kitchen art or a beautiful Christmas gift for family

I am particularly excited about our kitchen art. I had my mom’s favorite pecan pie recipes framed, which includes one that my grandma had written. Adding these family heirlooms gives me the sense that I’m still baking with them, in heart. I can’t help but smile every time I pass by our new kitchen art and see the miscellaneous 3×5 notecards and think of what a simpler time it was. Nothing fancy, just heirloom recipes passed from one friend or family member to another.

frame family recipes for beautiful kitchen art

frame family recipes for beautiful kitchen art

The framed recipes exceeded what I had initially envisioned 10 years ago when my mom passed away. They’re beautifully matted and perfectly paired with frames that highlight my family heirlooms.

frame recipes for instant kitchen art or a beautiful Christmas gift for family

Framed recipes not only make beautiful kitchen art, but a very thoughtful Christmas gift. If you’re like me and have several unfinished {or untouched} projects, I encourage you to enlist Framebridge’s help to do the same. You can preview how your art will look, send them notes to adjust the mat size, etc. All of the frames are custom made to fit your art, so there’s no need to measure {yet another task I dread}! I look forward to sharing our other new additions soon.

beautiful kitchen art idea

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16 comments on “Framed Recipes Kitchen Art | Family Gift Idea”

  1. Hi Julie –

    My sister gave me a frame stand with a copy of a fave family recipe in my mom’s handwriting as birthday gift. I have it on my kitchen counter. It makes me happy to see since my mom has passed away. I just wish I could make the recipe as well as she did. Your trio looks beautiful hanging on the wall. Art with meaning is the best kind. XO

  2. Precious memories! Love the combination of elegance and simplicity .

  3. This is such a great idea. It adds charm to a modern setting as well as in traditional decor.

  4. Great idea, such a nice touch. What a wonderful feeling to have my mom/grandmothers handwritten recipes where I could look at them each day.

  5. I have my mom’s recipes framed and hanging in my kitchen too. So precious and my kids said they will do the same in their homes one day.

  6. When my fiance’s daughter was getting married I took one of her deceased mother’s handwritten recipes and had it transferred to a platter by They did a beautiful job and she was touched that I acknowledged her mothers importance.

  7. Wow, these would make a really great gift for parents or loved ones. My mom is one of the hardest to shop for women I’ve ever met, but I bet she would absolutely love to see her famous cookie recipes turned into classy wall art like this. I’ll have to keep these in mind; her birthday is fast approaching. Thanks so much for writing!

  8. Julie, love this! I have some hand-written recipe cards from my dear mother-in-law. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts this weekend.

  9. what size frame did you use for the 3 x 5 card thank you. Very beautiful

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