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The Girls’ Bunk Bed Room, Pretty in Pastels

An inexpensive bunk bed room makeover, without a lot of effort!

pretty and playful bunk bed room ideas

I often take a laissez faire approach to decorating, allowing rooms to evolve over time, but when PPG Paints invited me to partner with them on a project, I was anxious to get on board to create a dreamy bunk bed room for the girls at the lake cottage.

I was also excited that it gives me the opportunity to take you on the journey of decorating the space from start to finish, which is really difficult to show when my typical projects span over a couple years.

If you’re joining me today for the first time, you can see how I planned the space here and here. Decorating this room was a little more challenging than some spaces, because I was planning from our home nearly 4 hours away. I neglected to take measurements when we were previously at the lake cottage and had to guesstimate based on a few snapshots I had taken.

PPG Paints has a wide array of colors to choose from, including some very pretty pastels. I narrowed it down to two pinks and tested swatches, opting for the slightly darker of the two, Grandad’s Girl. Isn’t it sweet?

How to play with colors and patterns to create a beautiful room

To make the space feel playful, I used two additional hues – Pinch of Pistachio, which I used to paint the light fixture and a dresser I purchased in blue, which I color matched for you to UFO! {See below to learn how to color match…}

how to find a paint color from a photo

how to find a paint color from a photo

how to find a paint color from a photo

How to decorate a bunk bed room

Ready to watch me decorate in a day?

Whew! That was fast. Let’s get to the details, shall we?

We painted the walls, we painted the light…




We added a soft jute rug to minimize the carpet and add texture.

pretty and playful bunk bed room ideas

how to decorate a girls bedroom

You may also notice that I incorporated a few nautical light fixtures as a nod to our lakeside location along with a map of the lake I commissioned an artist to create for the girls. I selected a flush mount light with a canopy that draws the light down, to minimize the dated ceiling texture.

how to play with color - girls bedroom ideas

how to play with color - girls bedroom ideas

In addition to color, the patterned bedding makes the girls’ room feel playful. I had their pillowcases monogrammed to bring in a little detail and another touch of color.

pretty girl bedding

How to decorate a bunk bed room

The focal point is this hand drawn piece of art of our little section of the lake.

bedroom vignette

and the piece that inspired it all – this sweet gift from my friend Tori…

blue and pink girls bedroom ideas

how to decorate a girls bedroom

How to decorate a bunk bed room


How to decorate a bunk bed room

You can find your local PPG Paints store here to use this $10 off coupon to add a little color to your home!

Thanks to PPG Paints for partnering with me to make my vision for the girls’ bunk bed room a reality and thanks to you for supporting the brands that make my site possible!

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21 comments on “The Girls’ Bunk Bed Room, Pretty in Pastels”

  1. I love it! That bed linen is so beautiful, and I love the jute rug too.

  2. So pretty,love the whole room, bedding and walls are my favorite.:)

  3. Very sweet room…….I like the TWO bunk beds in the room. And the colors are beautiful.

  4. I love this room. So simple and sweet! Where did you get your bunk beds and mattresses from?

  5. The room is really girly and sweet but I had a really hard time reading about it around the Instgram box that kept moving in front of your words.

  6. Lovely room perfect for the lake! Art work is fantastic would you mind sharing the artists name?

  7. Thanks for sharing the PPG link – the hues you choose brings everything together so nicely. I just LOVE the dresser…where did you purchase it?

    • Thanks, Patti! I’m not sharing brands just yet out of respect for PPG who partnered with me on this post, but look for details tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding! Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. Another lovely project Julie. Our new house has very dated ceilings which we’ll live with for a while: I’ll use your tip for a flush light fitting to help draw the eye down, thank you!x

    • The lake house ceilings have an awkward texture, but it’s still better than the popcorn ceilings we’re living with in a few rooms of our other home. Chandeliers work well, too. Enjoy!

  9. This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing – it is beautiful! bedding and walls are the most awesome.

  10. Wow, I love the transformation. The room look much larger. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Ivory! Color can make a room feel larger and the rug draws your eye vertically, making it feel longer. I needed to use a few tricks since I was putting 4 beds in a small room. Hope you have a great week!

  11. Wow! Such a beautiful room you have created here. I particularly love the walls such an unusual colour you have chosen. We recently bought bunk beds for our two boys, we wanted to make more space in their bedrooms for storage. As they are getting older they seem to be needing more space and storage, especially our eldest who needs space for a desk (big school looming!). The beds we found also had in built storage which is so handy.

  12. Hi Julie,
    I love your style. I’m so glad that I found you. The bed linens shown here are beautiful. Could I ask where you found them?
    Thanks for posting!

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