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Make Your Own Silhouette Portrait

How to make a silhouette of a child, without a lot of effort!

Make your own silhouette portrait in a few easy steps

I must be the slowest blogger in the world. Yes, that’s how I sometimes feel. In the mornings I focus on the girls, I spend the afternoon writing, editing photographs and responding to emails and if there’s time remaining before the girls wake, I try to take on a project. By the time the girls go to bed at night I’ve lost all motivation. If I accomplish something home related, no matter how small, I consider it a win. Do you ever feel like that?

Well, today {Tuesday, actually}, I made a silhouette portrait of both Adalyn & Aniston for their pinboards & I’m not waiting until I can style their dressers before I share! If I did, it could be months. Rejoice in this with me, will you?

I’ve always wanted silhouettes of the girls since I fondly remember my grandma having some of my sister and I hanging in her hallway. They’re timeless, classic and most importantly, personal.

DIY silhouette tutorial

What is a silhouette?

A silhouette is a dark shape or outline of something or someone on a lighter background.

Easy DIY silhouette portrait

How to make a silhouette portrait:

Take a side profile photo at their level against a blank space {solid color wall}

Step by step tutorial to make silhouette art

Make your own silhouette portrait with this simple tutorial.

Reduce or increase size on your computer preview to desired size. Trace the image onto white copy paper & cut.

Learn how to make a silhouette portrait in minutes!

Trace on the back of your black paper {Paper Source’s paper bag cardstock would also be beautiful!}

How to make a silhouette in minutes - create your own custom art with this easy tutorial

Using a small pair of shears, cut out your silhouette. Mount onto white cardstock for framing with double stick tape.


For longer hair, photographing buns or ponytails make creating a silhouette simple & beautiful.

Curly hair can be difficult to photograph & cut. If you have trouble, find a silhouette that works & trace that hair, placing it on your stencil to cut on your black cardstock. Google images has an array of options.

Make beautiful silhouette art with this easy step-by-step tutorial

Don’t be afraid to add in eyelashes. I think they’re just darling & capture them as they are in life!

If you want to get technical, you can make a silhouette in Photoshop.

Seeing the girls on paper made me realize just how fast they’re growing up! Now if I could just get Isla to sit still for 5 seconds…

Make a silhouette of your kids in just a few easy steps - beautiful bedroom decor

Pin this project for later:

Make a silhouette of your kids in minutes with this easy tutorial!

Do you have a silhouette? I’d love to hear how you incorporated it into your decor. Join the conversation by commenting below!


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  1. I love the pin board! Did you make that or buy it? Love it!

  2. Looks wonderful! Thanks for the tutorial, Julie. Just shared the link.

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