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Fresh or Faux

simple spring and summer bookshelf decorating ideas

It’s no coincidence that to get to the fresh fruits, vegetables and everything a grocery store has to offer, you usually pass the florist. How can you resist picking up a bunch of fresh flowers? I dream of the ways I can use them in a big beautiful bouquet or in little bud vases throughout our home.

home blogger Julie Blanner shares her home decorated for summer

I love nothing more than a home filled with fresh flowers, but all good things must come to an end. Or not.

home blogger Julie Blanner shares her home decorated for summer

Of the many things the 80’s ruined it was faux and dried flowers. I rarely, if ever use faux flowers. I just don’t love them, but appreciate the convenience.

Pretty and simple bathroom decor

However, I love dried flowers and I have a lot of them. Why? Because they’re no effort and easily disposable.

My love for dried flowers started out of convenience. I tend to forget a vase filled with blooms or forget to dispose of them. Happy accidents. Some flowers and greens retain their colors like hydrangea, peonies and thistle giving your home a little charm without the cost or effort.

As a courtesy to brides when I was an event coordinator, I would hang their bouquets in a dark, cool closet for a few weeks for them to retain as a keepsake. However allowing flowers to dry naturally in my home I realized it gives them a lose, french cottage feel, which is exactly what I want!

Some of my favorite dried flowers and greens are:




pink peonies




olive branches

The next time you go to toss an arrangement, remove the water, rinse the stems, place them in the vase and give them a few days. Your dried flowers just may become a staple in your home.

beautiful ideas to decorate for spring

The same applies to wreaths – earlier this spring I purchased a fresh olive wreath and we’re still enjoying it! Rather than purchasing a wreath of faux flowers, I’ll often purchase fresh or dried and you’ll always find dried sprigs of lavender in the guest bath.

10 ways to bring spring into your home

What do you think? Do you like dried flowers or did the 80’s kill them for you?


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3 comments on “Fresh or Faux”

  1. I love greenery; real and fake. I think it makes the room more cozy for some odd reason. Love that wreath of yours too!

  2. I love your website. I have a question about colors. I recently built a new house and we downsized from 3000 to 1625 sq feet. I have an open floor plan with kitchen leading into living area. Wall color is Beher Marquee Crisp Line — eggshell for walls and semi gloss for trim. I have black honed granite counter tops.

    this color scheme is consistent throughout the house. I am at a lost for what color to paint my kitchen cabinets
    Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Room is so much smaller than anticipated and don’t want to feel like I am sitting in my kitchen when sitting in the living room. Thank you so much.

    • I’d stay in the same color family and just take it down several notches or have them dilute it so the cabinets are a soft cream or you could do them in the same Crisp Linen but semi gloss. Hope that helps!

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