Phone Organization

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  • Phone Organization tips and tricks to make it function for you, without the stress. Get actionable ideas to organize your phone in minutes!

    iphone organization

    I talk a lot about how to organize your home so that it functions for you, but one area I truly struggle with is organizing my phone. To be honest, it’s a hot mess! I’m a hot mess! I’d love to say my New Year’s resolution is to spend less time on my phone, but my business requires me to spend a considerable amount of time using it.

    Get Organized in 30 Days

    Instead of letting myself down, I’m going to be realistic and organize it so it simplifies my life, rather than adding stress to it. As we’ve all become increasingly reliant on our phones as our way of keeping in touch, calendars, shopping lists and more, I thought it was equally important to organize. Want to join me on the journey? Let’s do this!

    Organizing your phone is quick and easy. In fact, you can do it in 15 minutes or less! Are you ready?

    phone organization

    How to Organize Your Phone


    • delete apps you’re no longer using
    • delete old notes

    Adjust Settings

    • turn notifications off
    • turn do not disturb on

    Set the Bar

    • Add your most frequently used apps or programs to the bar

    Create Folders for Your Apps – Folders You  May Want

    • photo apps
    • restaurant apps
    • shopping apps
    • social media apps

    Rearrange/Drag and Drop

    Update Your Screensaver and Wallpaper

    Change Your Settings

    • Turn notifications off
    • Turn do not disturb on

    Do you have any phone organization tips and tricks?

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