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Garage Organization

garage organization tips

I’ve been pretty proud of myself the last five weeks. I made a resolution to complete projects I’ve started but failed to finish and I’ve been checking them off left and right. I’m hoping the elimination of some of these to do’s make our impending kitchen remodel a little less stressful. One project I can finally check off of the list is garage organization. We started the project last March when we painted the garage walls and floor. We created an outdoor running closet for Chris using garage organization systems and added storage for the girls’ toys, helmets, etc.

tips for organizing cleaning supplies | garage storage and organization

Chris and I had very different ideas on how to organize the garage – he wanted to use systems and I wanted to use pretty pegs, so we compromised and took zones. I had a peg rail made to fit the length of the wall, specifying the distance and number of pegs. Then, it sat in our garage for months. Okay, nearly a year, but I have no excuse as to why. Finally over the weekend we hung it. Can you believe a little level and two screws hung me up that long? Maybe I need a little more ambition. Anyways, the peg rail has finally been hung and it’s glorious!

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For the last two and a half years the brooms, duster, mop and bucket have been tossed haphazardly around the door of the garage without a place to hang. I’m always running out there barefoot searching for something, so I’m excited that now it’s just a reach from our mudroom door.

tips to organize cleaning supplies | garage organization

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garage storage ideas | organizing cleaning supplies

To celebrate another project complete I even treated myself to new cleaning supplies since ours were 10+ years old. There’s just something about that hint of cohesiveness that puts me at ease.

pretty garage organization ideas

Another little project we checked off the list this week was replacing the door knob and deadbolt. When we completed the mudroom last year and replaced the door, our contractor cut the door to fit the existing knob forgetting that I had purchased beautiful hardware without a deadbolt. I debated what to do for far too long and finally decided to replace it with the same crystal knob we used throughout the house. Why not use crystal on the garage entry? It’s the first thing we see when we enter our home. We tend to consider our guests’ first impression, but why not our own? I want to enter our home with a sense of pride…isn’t it gorgeous?

brass hardware

crystal glass door knob

I’m also considering taking a cue from our neighbor, Marlin at the lake…he hung artwork throughout his garage that makes it feel like an extension of his home. I’ve been contemplating the perfect piece to hang above the peg rail like a photograph of my grandpa opening Johnson Shut-Ins State Park, a horse or a painting of Dusty. Any ideas?


paint: Farrow and Ball White Tie  | knob: Emtek | deadbolt: Emtek | peg rail: Meadowbrook Creations | cleaning supplies: Home Goods, Container Store


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35 comments on “Garage Organization”

  1. Just perfect

  2. Your door hardware is beautiful, and those pegs are the cutest! What lovely selections you’ve made for your garage.

  3. I love everything! May I ask where your cleaning supplies are from? 🙂

  4. Looks great! “It’s the little things…”

    I asked my granddaughter to make colorful artwork for each of the four seasons; then I framed them and hung them in the mudroom corner of my garage. A happy space!

  5. Did you get the mop, broom and dustpan from Home Goods as well..?

  6. Love it! Even utilitarian spaces can be pretty. I think it adds an extra level of pride when the small places make you feel good just looking at them.

  7. Beautiful, Julie!!! Your garage looks newger

  8. Looks lovely. We just got around to painting our garage too and I love it. Didn’t do the floor because it was too cold. Was that hard to do, and what type of paint did you use? My father said you have to add some sort of grit agent to the paint so that the floor will not be slippery. Did you do that?

    • Thanks, Pattie! We followed the instructions to a T on an epoxy intended for garage floors and it’s peeling up in sheets. I highly recommend you hire a company to do it with professional grade material if you do, because we’re really just stuck with it now. If it was a regular paint, you could just paint over it, but it’s a mess. We did add the grit, which was our original intent when we were painting the garage floor. Kids were slipping left and right and I thought painting with grit would help. Oops!

  9. I love what you did here, the nice clean crisp looks fabulously. I think hanging a picture of your dog or a horse would be beautiful. A saying as it relates to this particular space would be beautiful as well. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  10. Love what you did here Julie. Certainly makes a nice first impression. Our garage is organized but does need an update so you’ve inspired me. But…..your entry way floor! That brick is to die for. What is it and how is it to keep clean?

  11. What brand and/or where did you get your dust pan? I didn’t see it on the links.

  12. Hi!! I know you said you are having trouble w the floor of the garage but did you pick the paint color? Love that like grey! Can you share the name? Thx!!

  13. Looks great! Are the cleaning supplies hanging on the pegs used indoors or are they things you use in the garage/outdoor area?

    • Thank you, Kate! No, it’s what we use indoor, we just don’t have any coat/cleaning closets, so it’s right outside the door for a quick grab and go.

  14. Beautiful space and I got chills thinking about the man who opened Johnson’s shut ins! My husband took me there on one of our early dates and it changed the way I look at MO! You should definitely hang that picture. What an inspiration to see that each day.

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