Dream walk-in closet transformation

It seems every time I’m on Pinterest, I see some dreamy photo that feels anything but attainable. I’m always thinking “that’s gorgeous, but I don’t have the space” or “if I only I were a millionaire, I’d have funds for a living room like that.” But let’s be honest, we all love to dream, don’t we? One night earlier this year, I was gazing through images on Pinterest & looked over at Chris & asked how crazy it would be to add a closet system to our little walk-in closet. Okay, step in. Given our impending move, I just knew his answer would be “crazy.” However, like so many times before, he pleasantly surprised me! I started plotting, planning & pinning beautiful walk-ins – most on a significantly larger scale. I thought about our current storage issues, like shelving so high if I attempt to reach something on it, it will all come tumbling down, & shoes lined up on the floor that result in just being tossed in rather than lined up beautifully. Chris didn’t have anywhere for things like his ties & belts – an essential for most men. Then on a whim, we started! If you promise not to judge, I’ll show you the before. Promise?

before closet makeover

We measured the height, width & depth before making a trip to Lowe’s to purchase Allen & Roth systems. We were so anxious to get started that we immediately began ripping out the existing shelves & pulls. Sometimes the tear out feels just as good as the finished project! Out with the old, in with the new. We assembled one side during the girls’ Saturday nap & the other during their Sunday nap thanks to incredible step-by-step instructions. We hung them, added the poles, shelves & bases & painted before I got to do what every girl loves to do – shop & accessorize!

beautiful walk-in closet

This is where all of the pretty inspiration came in. Our house is neutral & subdued. This makeover was my chance to add a little glam to our home. I fell in love with an oversized frameless beveled mirror that fit my aesthetic, but it didn’t fit the space. I couldn’t consume 18″ of space with an easel. Chris once again made my dream a reality & was able to hang it. I couldn’t quite convince him of the chandelier, though. If I couldn’t have a large closet, at least I could have a big, beautiful chandelier, right? I do & I love it. The chandelier balances the space & adds a lot of much needed light, making it feel larger along with the mirror.

gorgeous etched glass & crystal chandelier in a walk-in closet

A closet system is great for organization & can make all of your necessities accessible

For convenient storage, I used an empty wood cigar box to hold Chris’ keepsakes & cufflinks. After the makeover, I realized we had gained a lot of space & could actually add items to it like his cologne.

A wood cigar box is a stylish way to hold men's accessories & jewelry

A baseball glove, given to Chris by his dad, is the perfect “catch” all for his watch, bracelets & wedding ring.

Family heirlooms - even old baseball gloves style a man's closet with functionality

Pretty walk in closet

That chandelier! It still has my heart. On my top shelf, I added a couple of fashion & styling books {Twiggy, a Life in Photographs} to rest a pair of shoes on, along with my clutch.

"Live life beautifully" beauty quote in calligraphy

I love starting my day with a positive thought, so I had Madi Sanders, pen “live life beautifully” as a reminder how I want to live every day. Paired with a pretty pink peony {nothing adds more to a space than fresh flowers from your garden} & a great space to store my glasses when I’m not wearing them.

Gorgeous walk-in closet created with diy closets systems

To create this closet, we used:

2 Allen + Roth 8′ kits

1 Allen + Roth shelf

2 Allen + Roth expandable poles

2 Allen + Roth bases

With the addition of a do-it-yourself closet system & gorgeous accessories, this messy step-in closet was transformed into a pretty walk-in closet. Get the easy & inexpensive diy details!

I should have warned you, this is a very image heavy post. I hope you don’t mind…I just couldn’t resist!

how to create a walk in closet

how to style a man's closet

create your dream closet, adding light, space, function & beauty


I’ve received a lot of emails about this chandelier. It’s Style Selections clear pendant light with clear shade. It’s gorgeous cut glass, available at Lowe’s.


I did it! I attained the Pinterest dream of a pretty walk-in. We also gained an additional 1′ by positioning our poles to the correct depth for our clothes, making it the desired walk-in versus the original step-in feel. Chris & I each customized our sides utilizing our clothes to determine rod heights & we added a shelf to his side for his denim. Yes, I’m in love.


I think the master closet makeover made our master bedroom into an complete ensuite. I’m happy, elated, ecstatic, & over-the-moon.

beautiful walk-in closet

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided by Lowe’s. As always, all ideas & opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible! You can find Lowes on Twitter @Lowes & on Instagram @loweshomeimprovement


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  1. We were going to hire a contracter to transform our sun room into a walk in, but this may be the way to go. Thanks for the inspiration Julie!

  2. Absolutely love this! Just curious- what’s the script font that you use for your blog title and in the first picture- “my dream”? Thanks!

  3. This is so beautiful! I love the chandelier and the framed “live life beautifully” What a great closet redo! I am inspired 🙂

    Xo Jana
    Jana Style Blog

  4. I love this! It is beautiful but practical! It’s something I could actually do (that is when I get walk in closet!) Thanks for sharing!