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LAST UPDATED: Feb 14, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Jun 20, 2017 | By: Julie Blanner

the look for less - a Serena and Lily inspired bedroom

Homemade. As I’ve been trying to fill these empty walls in not one, but two homes now, I have realized what takes me so long. 

I don’t just want any art. Framed prints from stores can fit a space and I do use them from time to time like this painting

how to decorate with color for spring

or this picture

Beautiful interior design ideas

but they mean absolutely nothing to me.

Maybe that’s why I still need 3 more pictures for our bedroom. What can compete with the framed original botanical Chris gave me on our copper anniversary {it was made with a copper plate} or the pencil sketch I did of our wedding venue. 

home blogger Julie Blanner shares her home decorated for summer

Create a meaningful piece of art for your home by turning a photo into a pencil sketch

The painting we did in the living room isn’t a masterpiece, but it was something Chris and I worked on together, made from a memory we had together. 

simple fall decorations

My mom’s recipes no longer have a home in our recently renovated kitchen, but I may relocate them to the lake cottage because I love seeing her handwriting as I come and go.

frame recipes from family for instant kitchen art

Every now and then we purchase a piece that has significance to us like this pretty little painting from our trip to Lake Michigan. We decided that we’re going to try to purchase art when traveling to our favorite destinations and made good on that in Martha’s Vineyard purchasing an antique sailboat painting for the lake cottage.

home blogger Julie Blanner shares her home decorated for summer

To be honest, we’ve made a lot of art one way or another {see some more of my easy art ideas here}

easy art ideas - framed iPhone photo

but this simple idea is often overlooked.

inexpensive art ideas and easy home decor

Framing a photo. Any photo, even an iPhone photo. 

inexpensive art ideas and easy home decor

This homemade art took less than 5 minutes {plus a trip to the store} and was made on a whim, uploading the image from my iPhone to Walgreens. 

inexpensive homemade art - framing photos

This photo was taken off our dock the first weekend in our new lake home. It will always be precious to me, but it’s just a simple photo, framed and printed as a poster for a total of less than $30. 

P.S. you can get more details on this budget bedroom makeover here.

I’d love to know if you have any ideas how I can fill all these empty walls or what you’ve done in your home!


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