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Laundry Basket Graduation Gift

laundry gift basket | perfect idea for a high school grad going away to college or a beautiful housewarming gift idea

18 years ago, I gave a friend $5 in gas to hitch a ride back from college so that I could meet my newborn nephew. I was filled with anticipation, joy and so much love for someone I had never met. I looked forward to coming home on occasion to see him and as he grew I took him to parks, lunch dates, anything related to trains and the zoo. It’s been fun watching him grow through the years and connecting with him on a different level more recently, taking his senior photos and talking about prom. I can hardly believe that it’s he that will be going to college in the fall and coming back to visit on the occasional weekend. While I know that money is the most anticipated graduation gift for seniors, I want to send him off with something practical as well, so I created a laundry basket graduation gift, filled with everything he needs to do his own laundry, without a lot of effort.

beautiful and practical gift for a high school grad who is going away to college

My secret to creating beautiful gift baskets for any occasion is to fill it with Spanish moss or mocha moss. It has an incredibly aroma and can be slightly pulled to create a fuller effect or gift items in your gift basket height. It’s also neutral, making a pretty backdrop for the items you fill it with.

thoughtful high school graduation gift | laundry basket gift for grad going away to college

Practical graduation gift idea for a high school grad going off to college

Let’s face it, the last thing a college student wants to do is spend money on laundry, so I filled a jar with quarters to ease the burden for the first few months. I filled the laundry basket with a large bottle of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Laundry Detergent, which even removes difficult stains like tomato sauce, Stain Remover and Fabric Softener Sheets with essential oils. Just in case he’s going for extra credit, I also threw in Liquid Fabric Softener because I love how it makes clothes and sheets naturally soft, and know he’ll need plenty of rest! I also included an easy-to-care-for succulent for his room and a set of bath towels and washcloths {wrapped inside the towels}.

a laundry gift basket is the perfect gift for a high school grad going to college or housewarming gift for a first time homeowner

As his graduation approaches in just a couple weeks, I’m reminded just how precious time, our world and the ones we love are. Seventh Generation easily removes stains, but is gentle to our world and safe for sensitive skin since it doesn’t have artificial brighteners, dyes or synthetic fragrances. I look forward to celebrating with him and watching him grow through the next chapter of his life, and learn to do laundry!


laundry gift basket | perfect idea for a high school grad going away to college or a beautiful housewarming gift idea

laundry basket gift | practical graduation gift or housewarming gift idea

laundry gift basket | perfect idea for a high school grad going away to college or a beautiful housewarming gift idea


A practical high school graduation gift or housewarming gift for a first time homeowner | laundry gift basket

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This post was created as part of my collaboration with Seventh Generation. The opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.

12 comments on “Laundry Basket Graduation Gift”

  1. What a SMART gift idea!! Love the way you styled it up too. I’m putting this idea in my back pocket for later. Thanks, Julie!

    xo Michael

  2. This is a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing at I’m Lovin’ It Link Party.

  3. I love this idea! How smart – the quarters are such a great touch as well!

  4. Fortunately most dorm laundry equipment is “free” now but the vending machines still take quarters, I’m sure.

  5. What a great idea although I know the five family members we have graduating this month all prefer the cash. 🙂

  6. Very cute idea. I love to give a themed basket as a gift. HE WILL APPRECIATE THIS EVERYTIME HE NEEDS TO USE IT. He will think of you often.

  7. Hello Julie, your graduation gift idea is so thoughtful.

  8. I was excited to find your blog, until this post, when I realized it was nothing more than a sales pitch for laundry detergent. I don’t trust you as a blogger now. I hate sell outs. I should have known from the start of this post what a crock it was. Who gets their nephew a laundry themed basket for graduation?

    • I’m sorry you feel that way Viann. My nephew took his laundry basket to school {along with a check} and appreciated not having to spend his money on towels and detergents. I select my sponsors very carefully and work with them sparingly, but I invest a lot of time and money into my website and the reality is, sponsors are how we as bloggers can provide free content to you online. I hope you continue to enjoy my ideas. Thank you for reading.

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