I love sharing gifts with you, and I often create gifts on a whim when I’m strolling through a store – that’s where these housewarming gift ideas come from.

It’s so special when a friend or family member finds a new home. Why not celebrate with a gift they will love? Get inspiration in this round-up of my top nine housewarming gift ideas!

We have several friends that have recently purchased new homes. I love welcoming them with a few simple items they can enjoy.

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It seems my friends are always asking me for gift ideas for different occasions or that I myself am always gift giving.  So, I’ll keep sharing them!  

I try to give gifts that are beautiful, yet practical.  I’m not one to allow things to linger around my home. I also don’t believe gift giving is a one size fits all.

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

I like to personalize it for the recipient and let’s be honest, I like to keep the creative ideas flowing! In fact, I prefer to forgo gift wrap in name of time and the environment. That’s why I tend to gravitate toward using an item in the gift to present it.  

I hope you find these housewarming gift ideas to be both practical and useful. Maybe they will inspire you to create something beautiful the next time a friend moves into a new home!

A small pot of lavender for a housewarming gift


  • My secret to creating beautiful gift baskets for any occasion is to fill it with Spanish moss or mocha moss. It has an incredibly aroma and can be slightly pulled to create a fuller effect or gift items in your gift basket height. It’s also neutral, making a pretty backdrop for the items you fill it with.
  • Consider the recipient’s style and needs. Everyone is unique and a gift that works for one new neighbor might not work for the next!
  • A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be special! Check out my favorite Homemade Christmas Gifts for ideas to inspire you all year long!

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Lavender Housewarming Basket

This gift includes a lavender scented hand soap, a lavender plant {don’t miss my diy and free printable}, and a couple of flour sack towels, individually wrapped with twine.

A woman in a green shirt holding a housewarming gift basket

The lavender is so fragrant and easy to care for, making it a great addition to a kitchen, bath or laundry room.

All wrapped in a basket, it’s an easy and beautiful gift to deliver to dear friends. Don’t miss my other gift in a basket ideas!

A lavender themed housewarming gift basket

Housewarming Gift in a Jar

Some are born with the gift of giving. Lucky for me, I have such a friend in Tori.  She surprised me with this darling ensemble of her favorite household items for our new home.

kitchen gift items that go into a glass jar for a unique housewarming gift

The jar is perfect for a laundry room organization project or your kitchen pantry. When giving a gift, if it’s something you love, chances are your friend will too.  That’s the art of gift giving!

Jars are available here.  

A glass jar filled with kitchen supplies and a housewarming tag

Address Embosser

For my friend Katie, I knew it needed to be something timeless and elegant, like her. When I heard that her and her husband purchased a new home, I immediately went online to order them a return address embosser.

It’s simple, sturdy, doesn’t consume a lot of space, and leaves a beautiful impression on both the envelope and the recipient. Should the recipient of this gift move in the future, a simple change of plans will transition with them, making it a truly timeless gift.

An address embosser on a white table
An address embosser on a white table

Wrapped up with a Kitchen Towel

For this gift, I wrapped up a few of my favorite kitchen items to coordinate with their kitchen colors – black and white.  A hand soap, all purpose cleaner, room freshener and a couple of dish towels.

To wrap, I layered the towels, the bottom one {stripes} laying horizontally and the plaid on top of it vertically.  I nestled the bottles close together and gathered the fabric with a ribbon – it’s quicker than wrapping paper and tape!

Click here for the free 2 x 2.5 printable gift card.

A housewarming gift wrapped in a tea towel and tied with a gift card

Housewarming Gift for Kids

As we prepared to move from KC to St. Louis, I went shopping to find little gifts to help our girls explore our new home & to occupy them while we work on little projects. It’s amazing how much joy a $6 pair of binoculars can bring to little girls!

They have truly enjoyed exploring our property. I wanted to offer the same to the buyers of our house for their little girls. I create a housewarming gift for buyers to include with the welcome letter.

housewarming gift for children | welcome children to their new home with activities to help them explore it while occupying them

Luckily, I asked our agent how old the kids were, to purchase age appropriate gifts. I had originally planned to do a basket, but found adorable little bags instead!

I filled them with butterfly catchers, to enjoy the gardens, magnifying glasses to take a closer peek at any critters they might find and diy bracelet kits, and even a word search to keep them occupied for an hour.

For more outdoor fun, I added jump ropes and sidewalk chalk. It’s an inexpensive way to welcome the family to their new home, while getting the children excited about it.

housewarming gift for buyers | welcome children to their new home with activities to help them explore it while occupying them

Apothecary Jar Gift

I love a pretty ruffled set of napkins or towels, and I’m also of the belief you can never have too many apothecary jars.

The uses are endless…for example, holding seasonal items on bookcases, a decorative centerpiece, a candy jar, or cotton ball holder for the bathroom.

Find an apothecary jar here, and a set of pretty linen napkins here.

An apothecary jar with ruffled linen napkins inside for a housewarming gift


Plants are one of the best gifts to give because they instantly breathe life into any home, new or old

Consider one of my favorites – a new olive tree, a lavender tree, a ZZ plant, or even one of the best houseplants you can’t kill!

A flower pot design of a fresh lavender topiary in a white pot, with more flowers at the base.

College Student Housewarming Gift

If you’ve got a recent graduate or someone setting up a new apartment or their first real home, this laundry basket is such a fun idea!

While I know that money is the most anticipated graduation gift for high school and college kids, I like to do something practical as well, so I created a laundry basket graduation gift, filled with everything my nephew needed to do his own laundry, without a lot of effort.

laundry gift basket | perfect idea for a high school grad going away to college or a beautiful housewarming gift idea

Find a similar laundry basket here! Fill it with your favorite laundry detergent, cleaning necessities, towels and more. If they will be paying at a coin laundry, include a container of quarters, too!

laundry gift baskets sitting on a washer and dryer

Garden Gift Basket

Fill a gift basket with garden supplies! Find inspiration in my Amazon Garden post, and learn how to put this gift basket idea together here.

A gardening gift basket in a terra cotta pot

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