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Bathroom supplies in a woven basket.
We have several friends that have recently purchased new homes. I love welcoming them with a few simple items they can enjoy. I have several housewarming gift ideas, but generally create gifts on a whim when I’m strolling through a store.

Bathroom supplies in a woven basket.

This gift includes a lavender scented hand soap, a lavender plant {don’t miss my diy and free printable}, and a couple of flour sack towels, individually wrapped with twine.

Towels wrapped in burlap string.
A note about lavender on a lavender plant.
The lavender is so fragrant and easy to care for, making it a great addition to a kitchen, bath or laundry room.
Bathroom or kitchen supplies in a woven basket.
All wrapped in a basket, it’s an easy and beautiful gift to deliver to dear friends.
Bathroom or kitchen supplies in a woven basket.
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Some are born with the gift of giving.  Lucky for me, I have such a friend in Tori.  She surprised me with this darling ensemble of her favorite household items for our new home.
housewarming gift in a jar | a simple & thoughtful gift idea
The jar will be perfect for our new laundry/mudroom and I too, love Mrs. Meyer’s products.  When giving a gift, if it’s something you love, chances are your friend will too.  That’s the art of gift giving!
homemade housewarming gift in a jar
Jars are available here.  Thank you for stopping by our blog!  Click here for more inspirational gift ideas including a recipe themed housewarming gift and a timeless housewarming gift!
It seems my friends are always asking me for gift ideas for different occasions or that I myself am always gift giving.  So, I’ll keep sharing them!  I try to give gifts that are beautiful, yet practical.  I’m not one to allow things to linger around my home.  I’ve shared a couple of housewarming gifts in the past, but I don’t believe gift giving is a one size fits all.  For my friend Katie, I knew it needed to be something timeless and elegant, like her.  When I heard that her and her husband purchased a new home, I immediately went online to order them a return address embosser.
A ribbon and stapler on aa white surface.
It’s simple, sturdy, doesn’t consume a lot of space, and leaves a beautiful impression on both the envelope and the recipient.
Cards, envelopes, ribbons, and a hole puncher on a white surface.
Should the recipient of this gift move in the future, a simple change of plans will transition with them, making it a truly timeless gift.
Cards, envelopes, ribbons, and a hole puncher on a white surface.
And like all good things, it’s one for you and one for me.  I have previously purchased one for my brother and sister-in-law as a shower gift and friends.  It was finally time to treat myself!
Cards, envelopes, ribbons, and a hole puncher on a white surface.
To present, I just simply tied a significant ribbon.  You can never go wrong with an oversized bow.
A white bow on a table

I’ve shared a few favorite housewarming gift ideas in the past, but as with all gift ideas, it’s not a one size fits all.  I like to personalize it for the recipient and let’s be honest, I like to keep the creative ideas flowing!

A gift wrapped with a white ribbon and a \'happy new home\' tag.
I prefer to forgo gift wrap in name of time and the environment.  That’s why I tend to gravitate toward using an item in the gift to present it.  For this gift, I wrapped up a few of my favorite kitchen items to coordinate with their kitchen colors – black and white.  A hand soap, all purpose cleaner, room freshener and a couple of dish towels.
Cleaning supplies with wrapping next to it.
To wrap, I layered the towels, the bottom one {stripes} laying horizontally and the plaid on top of it vertically.  I nestled the bottles close together and gathered the fabric with a ribbon – it’s quicker than wrapping paper and tape!
A wrapped gift with a white ribbon and a \'happy new home\' tag.
I created a coordinating gift tag inspired by the housewarming gift I blogged that became a hit on Pinterest.
Happy new home tag on a gift.
Click here for the free 2 x 2.5 printable gift card.
Happy New Home
This would also make an excellent hostess gift!
A wrapped gift with a white ribbon.

As we prepared to move, I went shopping to find little gifts to help our girls explore our new home & to occupy them while we work on little projects. It’s amazing how much joy a $6 pair of binoculars can bring to little girls! They have truly enjoyed exploring our property. I wanted to offer the same to the buyers of our house for their little girls. I create a housewarming gift for buyers to include with the welcome letter.

A basket with basic outdoor children\'s toys inside.

I asked our agent how old the kids were, to purchase age appropriate gifts. I had originally planned to do a basket, but found adorable little bags instead! I filled them with butterfly catchers, to enjoy the gardens, magnifying glasses to take a closer peek at any critters they might find & diy bracelet kits & a Frozen word search to keep them occupied for an hour. For more outdoor fun, I added jump ropes & sidewalk chalk. It’s an inexpensive way to welcome the family to their new home, while getting the children excited about it.

A basket with basic outdoor children\'s toys inside.

We have lots of little projects planned for our house as we prepare for our belongings to arrive. I’m so thankful I packed bags for the kids! Bubbles, Water Wows, MagnaDoodles, reusable sticker books & Wikki Stix are also among my favorite keep a toddler occupied toys. Not to mention, they’re great for planes {with the exception of bubbles}. Let’s hope the girls remain patient with us as we hang curtain rods, change out outlets & make the house into our home.

So it’s clear that I love to welcome people to their new homes. I had no idea I had shared so many ideas through the years!

Linen napkins next to a glass container with ribbon on a wood surface.
I absolutely adore these beautiful ruffled linen napkins…
Linen napkins on a wood surface.

and I’m of the belief you can never have too many apothecary jars. The uses are endless…for example, holding seasonal items on bookcases, a decorative centerpiece, a candy jar, or cotton ball holder for the bathroom.

A housewarming gift in a glass container with a white ribbon around it.

Not only do I love a gift wrapped within itself to add a little charm and reduce waste, but those ruffles add adorable texture, don’t they?

Do you have a favorite housewarming gift idea?