Inexpensive Bath Remodel

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A close up of a toilet in a bathroom

As Spring approaches, we’re working diligently to complete projects we’ve started. The summer of 2012, we started updating the basement bathroom, refreshing with paint, new fixtures & ceiling tiles. This project was about making the most of what we had. At the time, we decided to just live with the dated vinyl tile flooring. A bath remodel can be costly, but we have managed to keep the expenses in this project to a minimum.

A close up of a wooden floor

In effort to finish our projects, Chris and I bought a notebook & went room to determine what needed to be done. We are notorious for dispersing our energy throughout the house rather than complete one project at a time. From there, we prioritized based on use, time & money & decided that it was time to give our guests a proper bath to use. I found peel & stick vinyl tile at Lowe’s for about $2 for each wide plank. I love how it mimicked our custom hand carved wood floors on the main level. In addition to the various coloration, it also has great texture. It looks better than most laminate wood flooring I’ve seen & at a fraction of the cost! Basement & four season room floors can be tricky, if not impossible to lay hardwoods because of their tendency to be uneven. This product lays right over each dip with ease. {Style Selections 6″ wide antique woodland oak luxury plank}

A close up of a toilet in a bathroom

It was time to get started. We cleaned the existing laminate floors, allowed them to dry & began to measure & cut. The basement bath has anything but a 90 degree angle! Using an exacto knife, Chris cut, I peeled & he would stick it directly to the floor with pressure. Despite the incredible amount of cutting odd angles, we were able to complete the space in just 3 hours. You know we love nap time projects!

simple decor for a small bath

In a small space, you can anticipate a little more “waste”. We used 15 planks to complete the room at a total cost of $36. Shhhh. That’s our little secret. This project was so easy that we immediately started the main area of our basement & completed 75% in just 2 hours!

*note – this should only be used in dry basements

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