One of the easiest ways to update a bathroom is simply to switch out the shower curtain and shower curtain rod! Learn where to buy the prettiest brass and gold shower curtain rods in this complete shopping guide.

A little sparkle in a tired space can be the pick-me-up you need to get going in the morning!

An unlacquered brass shower curtain rod with a white scalloped shower curtain.
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Of all the questions I receive around here, sometimes it’s the smallest details that surprise me. “Where’d you get that pretty gold curtain rod?” for example!

The truth is, for many years brass and gold curtain rods were difficult to find. Now, you’re in luck! The retail market has finally adapted to the warm glow of pretty brass and gold finishes, and we are here for it.

Changing your shower curtain is an easy way to update a bathroom! In fact, I’ve used shower curtains to disguise dated and unattractive shower fixtures for years. If you can layer your bedding and window treatments, (and even layer rugs over carpet), why not layer over your shower door, too?

A white bathroom with white accessories and a brass shower curtain rod.

Brass Shower Curtain Rods

Today, we’re rounding up the prettiest brass and gold shower curtain rods to make your next bathroom upgrade easy!

We’ve shared about so many of our favorite brass fixtures. From unlacquered brass hardware to our unlacquered brass kitchen faucet, this finish brings warmth and charm to every space that it touches.

No matter your price point, we’re guiding you through the prettiest brass and gold options from a variety of our favorite retailers.

A white shower with a brass shower curtain rod.


  • There’s a difference between solid brass and plated brass, and brass and gold finishes. True, solid brass will always be the highest price point.
  • A quick way to tell? Solid brass won’t be magnetic, but plated brass is – so if a magnet sticks, it’s definitely plated.
  • However, the look of brass is available in a variety of finishes and prices! From antiqued brass, to brushed brass, lacquered, unlacquered and polished finishes, gold shower curtain rods are an instant bathroom upgrade.
A white shower with a brass shower curtain rod.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should shower curtain rod match?

To help your bathroom feel cohesive and coordinated, you can match your shower curtain rod to another metal in the space. Consider matching it to your faucet, lighting, or other shower hardware.
However, it’s nice to use mixed metals, too. See a great example of mixed metals in a bathroom in our Basement Bathroom makeover.

Why use a curved shower curtain rod?

Curved shower rods make so much sense! They function to give you a little more space in your shower, and they still keep water inside the shower.

What is the difference between a tension rod and a shower rod?

Tension Rods are not permanently affixed to the shower walls. They are a great solution for a temporary, or less permanent space – renters will value these for their ease of installation and use, for example!
A traditional shower rod is screwed directly into the wall itself for a more permanent solution.

A white bathroom with a gold shower curtain rod with a white tasseled curtain.
Our nautical bathroom decor at our modern lake house.

We used a brass shower curtain with a bump-out for our spa bathroom in St. Louis. But for our lake cottage bath, we used a simple, more modern rod.

I love the way both of them look, and the warm glow they add to the spaces!

A white bathroom with a navy painted vanity and a gold shower curtain rod with a white tasseled curtain.
Our nautical bathroom decor at our modern lake house.


A white shower with a brass shower curtain rod.
rattan bar cart with blue and white art over

For even more decorating inspiration and up-to-the minute finds, follow on our Amazon Storefront and LTK!  

A white tiled shower with a curved brass shower curtain rod.

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  1. Hi Julie!
    I LOVE your St. Louis spa bathroom.
    I am using your ideas as an inspiration for my small townhouse bathroom remodel.
    I want mix brass and chrome.
    Here is my possible mix:
    Brass – vanity knobs, show curtain rod, towel bars and hooks
    Chrome – vanity faucet, shower/bath fixtures

    I am planning to use an LED mirror so I can’t incorporate the brass in mirror and sconces.

    Do you think my mix will work? Or should I just go all brass like you did?

    Thank you!!