If you’re swimming through the vast sea of bathroom vanities available online, we’ve got good news! We’re rounding up the prettiest options today – at every price point, in every style, and in all the most popular colors.

Learn what to look for, what features are available, and what kind of budget you’ll need to set.

When you’re undergoing a big bathroom renovation, the choices can be overwhelming. We’re here to help, with a curated shopping guide to make your life easier!

A soft blue and white wallpapered bathroom with a double white bathroom vanity.
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If there’s one thing I know after renovating and remodeling many spaces over the years, it’s that the decisions can feel endless. If you’re gutting a bathroom, the choices are even bigger.

From the tile to the toilets, every decision dictates the next! That’s why I’m creating these shopping guides – to help make those choices easier for you.

Instead of digging through all the options listed on every website, we’re doing the work for you! Find the prettiest bathroom vanities right here. Just click through and add to cart – and your work here is through!

Well… that’s not true. There’s a lot more work to be done, am I right? But at least your bathroom vanity decision is the easiest part of the renovation process!

A soft blue and white wallpapered bathroom with a double white bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanities

Recently, we were prompted to redo the primary bathroom at our lake cottage thanks to an ongoing leak that caused some water damage. Click through for the full before and after tour!

While the original 90s bathroom actually had some charming features that we enjoyed, I knew we could make it better with fresh new fixtures and personalized touches.

Of course, I prefer the shopping part of remodeling projects over the actual installation stress. Nothing is easy – and this bathroom was no different! We’re so happy with how it turned out, though, and excited to share the details with you today.

One of the first pieces we ordered was this pretty bathroom vanity. It was the perfect size and featured some great little upgrades for the price! I love when a decision is easy – but if yours feels tough, we’ve got it covered in this shopping guide.

Stock Vanity Features

Just like any purchase you make online, be sure to read reviews and really dig deep into the specifications of each piece you’re considering.

One of the things that has been a pleasant surprise for both of our most recent bathroom remodels, is the amount of fun features that bathroom vanities come equipped with!

In our basement bathroom, for example, the vanity we chose came with incredible storage and organization! Look for the following features that you might enjoy!

  • Built in storage and organization (one of ours even came with a built in drawer divider).
  • Soft close drawers and doors.
  • Marble countertops, or even Quartz countertops.
  • Many units come fully assembled.
  • Some stock vanities come with faucets, backsplashes, and even mirrors.
  • Is the piece you’re considering solid wood, or composite? That will make a difference in both price and longevity.
A soft blue and white wallpapered bathroom with a double white bathroom vanity.


  • Measure – Several times! While our layout is serving us well, it was a tight squeeze with the toilet and vanity along the same wall. Make sure you’re leaving enough space on all sides of a freestanding bathroom vanity!
  • Upgrade – One of my favorite ways to upgrade stock pieces like this is to make it our own with hardware. While you can order this bathroom vanity with the coordinating mirror and faucets, why not mix it up? We added our own knobs, faucets, mirrors and lighting for a custom finish.
  • Choose Wisely – However, on the other side of that coin, there are certain parts of a stock vanity that you can’t change! The countertop, sinks, and door style are here to stay, so make sure you love the look!
A soft blue and white wallpapered bathroom with a double white bathroom vanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is trending in bathroom vanities?

While simple will never go out of style, we’re noticing a distinct trend towards more intricate details like scalloped trim pieces, as well as a range of more custom-feeling colors.
There are so many ways to customize a stock bathroom vanity for your home by choosing your own faucets, knobs, and even painting an affordable piece to match your style!

How big should bathroom vanity be?

This answer depends entirely on your storage needs and the available space in your bathroom.
Standard bathroom vanities with a single sink are often approximately 30 inches wide. However, for tighter spaces you can find little vanities that measure just 24 inches or less – and up to 72 inches wide for larger rooms!
Most stock vanities are approximately 32-36 inches high, which works well for folks of average height.


Below, you’ll find our new bathroom vanity linked, as well as a variety of other great options that we considered. From classic traditional pieces, to more modern clean-lined stock vanities, there’s something for everyone!

A white sink on a stock bathroom vanity with brass faucet
A soft blue and white wallpapered bathroom with a double white bathroom vanity.

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