First Impressions, Our Guest Bath

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  • Beautiful bathroom design

    I feel lucky to have a bath dedicated to guests, but when we purchased the home, it felt more like an eyesore than an asset. It’s the first room you see when you enter our home through the foyer, so I felt a little additional pressure to make it warm, inviting, beautiful and clean. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? Our guest bath is inspired by our love for Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Every time we visit, I feel more at peace, which is exactly the feeling I want to evoke in our home.

    Making the most of a small guest bath

    Beautiful small bathroom ideas

    To integrate some of my favorite elements from the Valleys, I filled my glass soap dispenser with Seventh Generation‘s beautifully fragrant Lavender Flower and Mint Hand Wash. I’m beyond excited to partner with Seventh Generation this year with some of my favorite spaces, gift ideas and more. They share my passion for a safe and clean home.


    dried lavender bathroom decorating ideas

    I also filled a beautiful dish that was gifted to me with dried lavender and created pressed botanical art to decorate the room {details to come}.

    Small bathroom ideas - a beautiful traditional half bath remodel

    bathroom art ideas

    When we purchased our home, I had my heart set on a Parisian sink for the half bath. Unfortunately, most that I found were well out of our price range. I implemented a couple of these shopping tips and found a beautiful sink for a fraction of the cost. It sat in our house for nearly a year before we finally removed the old vanity and replaced the green slate floors with hardwood, but it was worth the wait! Leaving the area underneath the sink exposed immediately makes a small bathroom feel larger and lighter and creates the perfect space for a wastebasket. It also makes me feel a little closer to Sonoma, minus the wine.

    Here’s a before for reference:


    Pretty and simple bathroom decor

    Pretty and functional bathroom design ideas

    I had originally envisioned soft brass sconces on both sides of the mirror until one day I found the mirror that changed everything! The thick, wood mirror added a level of warmth the the bath that was missing and more than compensated for a little change in lighting plans. It not only makes the room appear larger, but makes a statement. I incorporated a 1930’s Turkish rug to bring in additional soft, earthy tones and give the room depth by blending old and new.


    Beautiful bathroom accessories

    Of course you know I couldn’t resist a few brass accents like the cross handle faucet, crystal door knobs or free standing toilet paper stand filled with unbleached recycled bath tissue. Since this bath is primarily used by guests, I keep my cleaning bucket filled with natural cleaners scented with essential oils and botanical extracts nearby for quick touchups.

    Pretty luxury bathroom - small bathroom decorating ideas

    Making the most of a small guest bath


    I’m so happy to have this little bathroom completed. You can take the full tour of our home here. I’m curious, have you emulated any of your favorite destinations in your home or am I the only one dreaming of a getaway?

    Beautiful small bathroom remodel

    Great small bathroom remodel ideas

    Tips for remodeling a small half bath

    Thanks for visiting! I hope to see you again soon!

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