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Bathroom Accessories

New bathroom accessories are an easy way to transform the look of your bathroom on a budget.  For our half bath, I have already decided to replace the vanity with a pedestal sink and to paint the paneling a light shade of grey.  I like to create boards to see how the accessories will work with the room as well.  Every purchase, no matter how small, should be carefully considered.
The above accessories are all available at Target.  The waste basket $10, I plan to repurpose my dish soap dispenser above in the bath at the new house, and the rug, $12.99.  For just $23, I’ll accessorize the entire room!
The guest bathroom however, isn’t that easy.  I don’t plan to remodel it at this time and therefore want to make selections that work with the existing finishes, but don’t make me cringe.


The existing faucet is white and gold.  The brushed bronze soap dispenser {$14.99} and wastebasket {$29.99} might be the perfect compliment to the fixture and my style.  A square version of this rug will fit well in the tight space {$12.99} for a total of $58.

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  1. Ha! I just bought the same stuff from Target last week! We put the first group of bath items in our master! Couldnt beat $10 for a trash can!

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