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Valentine’s Day Table Setting | Dinner at Home

This year, I wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day like we did on our first, at home. The difference is, that year, Chris surprised me by cooking me dinner. I created a Valentine’s Day table setting for two with items we already had at home and just added fresh flowers.
On my brass tray, which normally graces the living room, I included a photo from our recent visit to Sonoma Valley on our baby moon.
I used my parent’s wedding china and silver, complimented by soft pink linen napkins and corks from wineries we have visited.
I can never resist including fresh flowers, like this simple tulip arrangement I created in a bud vase.
The bottle of Chardonnay was a gift from Chris to commemorate our trip to my Grandma’s farm 10 years ago and the bottle we shared then. Of course I only had a few sips!
I also incorporated two petal pink Creative Candles celebration candles in standard candlesticks. To adapt them, I just added a mixture of flour and water to the base to hold them upright. Aren’t they beautiful?
I hope you enjoyed my simple Valentine’s Day dinner table!
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