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LAST UPDATED: Apr 03, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Apr 26, 2016 | By: Julie Blanner

Learn how to create a beautiful centerpiece in 10 minutes for $10

I fooled you! Michael Cane said “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.” This quote completely summarizes this season in my life, and I’m more than content with it.  I enjoy celebrating the little things. I love celebrating the big things, but often the celebration takes focus and the people we are celebrating take a back seat. We have Pinterest, magazines and Instagram to thank for feelings of inadequacy. It’s up to us to choose how we spend our energy. Over the weekend, we celebrated Isla’s birthday. When she was born, I was thankful to have at least one non-winter birthday in our family. I love being outdoors and having a January birthday never truly appealed to me…I was always envious of friends having birthday parties outside. So, that’s just how we spent Isla’s birthday weekend – outside. We played, we picnicked, we visited the zoo and before I knew it, it was Sunday afternoon, just two hours before Isla’s birthday party. What to do? Create yet another last minute flower arrangement and pull a few things together, just as any duck or loving mother would do.

Beautiful DIY Mother's Day flower arrangement in 10 minutes, for just $10

Picking up flowers on a Sunday afternoon isn’t ideal – by this point, they’re usually pretty picked over, but there’s always something beautiful you can pull together if you just take a moment to brainstorm. Initially, I had wanted to do a full arrangement filled with roses, tulips, stock, and ranunculus in the same color palette, but I settled for slightly contrasting white roses and pink tulips because it was Sunday afternoon and the clock was ticking. While I love a full flower arrangement, they can also become quite expensive, even in a standard size cylinder, like this. Fortunately, beautiful blooms can stand alone and still feel significant. This soft, simple and pretty flower arrangement cost just $10 to make and took less than 5 minutes. Here are the details to create your own:

  1. Cut the stems of your roses, one by one at an angle so that the bud sits in your vase at a diagonal and the bud reaches just above the lip of the vase how to make a flower arrangement
  2. Remove the foliage from roses step by step instructions to make a beautiful flower arrangement
  3. Place your roses diagonally across from one another in the vase, saving just a few roses for later how to arrange flowers
  4. Cut your tulips 2″ longer than your roses, leaving the leaves in tact. Insert inside of the rose lined vase and allow to fall into place easy and inexpensive flower arrangement learn how to arrange flowers online free
  5. Fill in with your remaining rose stems, cutting at length to stand straight vs fall to an angle, using the tulip leaves to hold them into place beautiful flower arrangement tutorial step by step tutorial to create a flower arrangement like a pro

Beautiful $10 flower arrangement in less than 10 minutes!

How to make a gorgeous flower arrangement in less than 10 minutes, for just $10!

Of course this also makes a beautiful DIY Mother’s Day flower arrangement she’s bound to love!

Learn how to create a beautiful centerpiece in 10 minutes for $10

Here’s to paddling and finding more time to celebrate the little things.

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