Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

LAST UPDATED: Jun 13, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner
Thick bakery style cinnamon rolls in heart shapes for Valentine's Day!
I was inspired by our neighborhood bakery to make these heart shaped cinnamon rolls. They’re a simple twist {or roll} that literally requires no extra effort. They’re a great way to wake up on Valentine’s Day & to bring a smile to others. The girls love when we take something basic & make it a little extra special.
To make the dough, start with my bakery cinnamon rolls recipe. They’re SO thick & SO amazing! Sometimes I make them the evening before so we can just wake up & enjoy!
Incredibly easy make ahead heart cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day
If you’re enjoying these right out of the oven, don’t forget my secret ingredient. If you’re making them the night before or gifting them, you’ll want to skip that step…read more about it here!
personalized pie dish
This should say “homemade with love”!
pretty heart shaped cinnamon rolls recipe - an easy twist to these better than the bakery cinnamon rolls
To make heart shaped cinnamon rolls:
  1. Roll out your dough on a lightly floured surface as you normally would & top with butter & cinnamon sugar mixture. Recipe for bakery cinnamon rolls
  2. Using a pizza cutter, create long strips. Valentine's Day cinnamon rolls
  3. At the same time, roll each end of a strip toward one another until they touch. Turn it on it’s side. Learn how to make easy heart shaped cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day!
  4. Gently pull down the bottom of the dough with your finger to slightly stretch. Learn how to make easy heart cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day!
  5. Lightly pinch the bottom of the heart & place into a greased pie dish. Learn how to make easy heart cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day!
These cinnamon rolls are just as amazing when made the night before!
Allow to rise, bake, ice & serve!
Amazing bakery thick cinnamon rolls
Heart shaped cinnamon rolls in less than an hour!

I’d love to see photos if you make these – just tag me on Instagram!

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Thick bakery style heart shaped cinnamon rolls for Valentine's Day!


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