Mojito Bar

I enjoy serving signature cocktails with a few options to alter.  It’s easy for guests to serve themselves while I finish preparing the meal.  Good friends of ours were visiting from out of town last night and I decided to make a mojito bar to kick summer off.  In fact, I planned the meal around it!
Club soda, simple syrup, light rum, limes, mint, and mango and apricot purees to flavor were offered.

I chose to make simple syrup rather than use sugar cubes because it’s already dissolved.  I prefer it’s taste.  It’s really easy to prepare in advance, just 2 cups of sugar to one cup of water!
Prep work, like slicing limes, is done in advance for ease.
To alter the flavor, I chose mango and apricot purees.  Just add 2 tablespoons.

For a basic mojito, I muddle 2 mint leaves with 2 lime wedges, then add a shot of light rum, a half shot of simple syrup, any additives, then top with club soda and ice.
I created a little floral arrangement filled with roses, hydrangea, berries and added a little lime!
I created the simple syrup label with just a few simple steps!  For the tutorial, click here.

Happy Summer!


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