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How to Arrange Valentine’s Day Flowers

easy Valentine's Day flower arrangement

Every year I’m astounded at the cost of flowers for Valentine’s Day, but overjoyed that grocery stores are overflowing with basic blooms. Each week I pick up a couple bunches of inexpensive flowers from the grocery store {usually Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods} to enjoy. I find that adding them to our home brings it to life and brings me so much joy.

Most Valentine’s Day flower arrangements start at more than $60, plus delivery fees. I have found that arranging my own is not only less expensive, but extremely gratifying. I created this simple arrangement for just $13.00 and had flowers to spare.

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We enjoy spending Valentine’s Day at home as a family indulging on heart shaped eats like heart shaped cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip or sugar cookie cake and heart ravioli. I arrange some pretty Valentine’s Day flowers and set the table with china and linens – a treat for toddlers! 

easy Valentine's Day flower arrangement

I created this simple flower arrangement with roses, tulips, stock and snips from a jasmine plant {also purchased at the grocery store} in just 10 minutes. All are easily accessible at any grocery florist and you can use anything wispy if you can’t locate jasmine.

How to arrange Valentine’s Day flowers:

  1. Cut your roses to varying lengths removing the leaves that fall below the neck of the vase. easy Valentine's Day flower arrangement
  2. Arrange your roses so they interlock, holding one another in place. tips for arranging grocery store flowers for Valentine's Day
  3. Trim your tulips to the desired length and intersperse between the roses. how to arrange flowers for Valentine's Day
  4. Cut 3 stems of stock to desired length removing any greenery that falls below the neck of the vase and insert in opposite sides of the vase. easy Valentine's Day flower arrangement
  5. Cut 3 stems of jasmine {or anything wispy} and insert – I chose to do it on the left, right and back of the vase as I often work opposite angles and work in 3’s or 5’s. how to arrange grocery store flowers for Valentine's Day how to arrange grocery store flowers for Valentine's Day how to arrange grocery store flowers for Valentine's Day how to arrange flowers for Valentine's Day how to arrange grocery store flowers for Valentine's Day

When creating an arrangement on a whim as I did today, the flowers haven’t had an opportunity to open up yet. My florist friend Erin suggested pinching the stem just below the rose head and then peeling back the rose petals to encourage them to open – it made a significant difference.

how to arrange grocery store flowers for Valentine's Day

I always love arrangements on day 2 or day 3, so I’ll be sharing a few more photos later this week. Until then, visit my friends at French Country CottageThistlewood FarmsMy Sweet SavannahElla ClaireCraftberry Bush for more beautiful Valentine’s Day flower arrangements!

I’m off to snuggle sweet Adalyn as she recovers from surgery. I hope these flowers and a little ice cream will brighten her day. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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14 comments on “How to Arrange Valentine’s Day Flowers”

  1. Julie,

    I love your arrangement! It’s a perfect way to fill your vase for Valentine’s Day.

    You are a rock star and always will be.


  2. Julie as ever, beautiful, a very creative eye with style!x

  3. Julie, I love how this arrangement feels a bit wild and unfussy. It has that effortlessly placed flowers in a vase and naturally gorgeous look that I spend hours trying to achieve. You’ve a lovely eye for all things simple and beautiful.

    • You are so sweet, Tonya! I hope my floral tutorials help…I have a lot of effortless flower recipes for that exact reason – I used to get so frustrated arranging flowers. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Such a pretty arrangement. It really does look effortless and flawless. Love the tip on making roses open up a little. I’ve gotten seriously winded blowing open roses in the past!

  5. Absolutely love this Julie- so so pretty!!!

  6. Oh my thank you for the great tips on the flowers and it is beautiful

  7. Your arrangement is lovely! Just stopping by from the link on French County Cottage and your Friday group post. 💞

    5.0 rating

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